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'Year Of The Dragon' Means It's 'Year Of The Baby' Too

Whenever it's a dragon year, many people in Asian cultures hope to have babies because it's thought to be an especially auspicious time.

Gulf Arab Nations Recall Ambassadors From Syria, Expel Syrian Diplomats

The six-member Gulf Cooperation Council, which includes Saudi Arabia, has been pressing for an end to attacks on peaceful protesters in Syria.

Australian Toddler Beats Machine At Its Own Game

Noah Jeffrey, 3, climbed up the chute at the top of the claw grab game, and into the case of stuffed animals and candy. The Herald Sun reports while he sucked on lollipops, he also handed them to children gathered outside. The boy was coaxed out the same way he went in — lured by the promise of a toy.

While Gunfire Echoes Inside Syria, A Cry For Help From A City Under Attack

"We are asking for [an] SOS," says blogger and citizen journalist Omar Shakir from inside Homs, as heavy machine gun fire echoes in the background. He and others in the city say government forces continue to kill people there.
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Gas Prices Reach Unseasonable Highs In D.C.

Gas prices are creeping up in the D.C. area -- something that's unusual for the cold winter months. Some analysts say the tenuous situation in Iran is to blame, and it could make matters worse going forward. 


'Beautiful Forevers': Surviving Mumbai Slum Life

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Katherine Boo chronicles the hardscrabble lives of some of Mumbai's poorest — and most inventive — people in her first book, Behind the Beautiful Forevers.

Greek Leaders To Decide On Austerity Measures

Greek leaders are supposed to meet again Tuesday to finally sign off on more painful austerity measures in exchange for a new bailout. Greece needs more loans — and a separate debt-reduction deal — to avoid a messy default, which could lead to an exit from the eurozone.

Syrian Forces Shell Homs, Residents Stay Inside

Activists say dozens of people were killed in the Syrian town of Homs Monday when government troops opened fire with tanks and machine guns. More than a dozen others were killed elsewhere. Renee Montagne talks to Omar Shakir, an activist in Homs, who's been posting updates on Twitter.