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Panetta Calls On India To Step Up In Afghanistan

Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta is traveling in India. It's one stop on a tour to establish new strategic ties between the U.S. and key Asian allies. But improving relations with India might not be so simple.

Netanyahu Promises 300 New Homes In West Bank

A bill to legalize Israeli settlements built on privately-owned Palestinian land in the occupied West Bank was narrowly defeated on Wednesday. The vote could have repercussions for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The prime minister opposed the bill but many of his coalition partners, including cabinet ministers, voted for it.

Grenell On Foreign Policy And Being Gay In The GOP

Richard Grenell recently explained that Mitt Romney chose him to serve as his foreign policy adviser based on his record and abilities. The Romney campaign, he says, also knew he was openly gay. Grenell explains why he resigned, and where Romney and President Obama differ on foreign policy.

Ho-Hum: Dull And Boring Are Now A Pair

Dull, a tiny village in Scotland, and the Oregon community of Boring have agreed to be "unofficially official" partners. It's a "Pair for the Ages," T-shirts say.

Suicide Bombers Strike In Afghanistan; More Than 20 Civilians Killed

Officials say that after one bomber set off his explosives, two others did the same as people rushed to the scene. The attacks took place outside a coalition airbase near Kandahar. The Taliban has claimed responsibility.

Road Brew: How To Make Hooch With Tunisian Date Juice (Or Try)

Legmi is a traditional Tunisian drink made from date palm sap. If left to ferment, it can transform into an alcoholic beverage. But turning legmi into hooch was trickier that our correspondents imagined.

Baltic States Embrace Eurozone

Despite all the troubles in the eurozone, there is still one country that is gung ho about joining the European currency bloc and that is Latvia. In fact, all three Baltic states are big supporters of the euro. To find out why, Renee Montagne talks to Anton LaGuardia of The Economist.

Blood Red, Steel Tower Honors London Olympics

Money to build the AcelorMittal Orbit Tower came from Britain's richest man, steel magnate Lakshmi Mittal. At 377 feet high, it's Britai's largest public work of art. The design of the tower has generated a lot of criticism.