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Drone-Tracking App Gets No Traction From Apple

For the third time in a month, Apple has rejected a proposed app that tracks American drone strikes. The company says the app is "objectionable and crude"; the developer says he wants to encourage more dialogue about drone attacks.

Egyptian Leader Stirs Tensions On First Visit To Iran

Egypt's President Mohammed Morsi has urged the Nonaligned Movement to back Syria's rebels, saying the Bashar Assad government has lost its legitimacy. Morsi's speech prompted a walkout by the Syrian delegation. It was also a slap in the face of the summit's host, Iran, which remains a firm supporter of the Assad government.

South African Miners Charged With Murder In Colleagues' Deaths

Police opened fire on striking miners Aug. 16, killing 34. Under an arcane law, 270 other miners were charged in their murders. The decision could further infuriate South Africans already shocked by the police action.

For Afghan Leaders, Facing Death Is A Fact Of Life

Targeted killings of Afghan leaders are up by 53 percent compared to last year. Such attacks are the efforts of a desperate Taliban, Afghan officials say, but they acknowledge that they hamper their ability to govern and provide services.

Gambia Leader Vows To Execute Death Row Prisoners

Gambia's President Yahya Jammeh recently ordered the executions of all 47 prisoners on death row. Nine have been killed so far. The news comes decades after the last execution was ordered in that country. Host Michel Martin discusses the political situation in Gambia with Pa Nderry Mbai. He's a Gambian journalist living in exile in North Carolina.