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U.S. Marines Set Up Asia Pacific Base In Australia

In April, the first company of U.S. Marines will deploy to northern Australia. The training facility there replaces U.S. bases in the Philippines that closed in the early 1990s. It will be one of the largest combined arms training facilities in the world.

Greece Waits For Bailout After Meeting EU Conditions

Greek politicians on Thursday agreed on massive cuts to bring their budgets in line with what the European Union has demanded. It's the latest act in a months-long drama to bring down the Greek debt load.

More Than Miso: Food Writer In Japan Records Struggling Region's Cuisine

In a new cookbook, food writer Elizabeth Andoh tells the story of the cuisine of Japan's Tohoku region, which was hard hit by last year's earthquake, tsunami and nuclear accident. Andoh says it's important to document the region's cuisine now, because traditional dishes often disappear during periods of upheaval.

Greeks Agree To Austerity With E.U. And IMF

After marathon talks, Greek politicians finally agreed to tough austerity measures to qualify for another bailout from the European Union and International Monetary Fund. The measures will likely pass parliament, but it remains to be seen whether the deal can save Greece from eventual bankruptcy. The Greek finance minister flew to Brussels to see if the deal really will pass muster with the E.U.

Fighting Fit, Venezuela's Chavez Roars Back

Last year, cancer nearly felled Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. The long-serving and outspoken leader disappeared to Cuba for treatment for weeks at a time. Now, he has regained his bluster and is promising to crush his opponents as they mount a challenge to his rule.