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U.S., Iran Running Low On Options Over Nuclear Program

The latest round of talks between international inspectors and Iran showed little progress. More discussions are planned, but 2013 may be the year that the U.S. will decide whether to take military action against Iran.

Beijing Grapples with Record Air Pollution

Last weekend, air pollution in Beijing reached record highs, raising concerns about the cost of China's rapid industrialization. David Pettit, of the Natural Resources Defense Council, discusses the pollution problem in China's capital, and why severe smog can be deadly.

Acid Thrown In Face Of Bolshoi Ballet's Artistic Director; He May Lose Sight

Sergei Filin may have been attacked by someone who is angry about which dancers he has chosen for starring roles, his family and colleagues tell news outlets.

Mixed Pickle: The Sweet And Sour Legacy Of Dutch Trade

What do salt, ancient Jewish pickle carts, the sometimes brutal Indonesian spice trade and Vincent Van Gogh have in common? They brought life to Dutch cuisine, specifically, the Dutch pickle.

Prospector In Australia Finds Giant Gold Nugget

The owner of the local gold shop told the Herald newspaper that if the anonymous prospector was "silly enough to melt it down," it would be worth nearly $300,000. Unlikely, since its size and shape make it so rare.

Deadly Hostage Crisis Continues In Algeria

Militants seized hostages earlier this week at a gas plant in eastern Algeria. A military raid freed some and reportedly caused the deaths of others. American officials believe 10 Americans were there when the plant was attacked. Some Americans reportedly escaped.