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'The Life That Follows' Disarming IEDs In Iraq

Brian Castner commanded two Explosive Ordnance Disposal units in Iraq, where his team disabled roadside IEDs and investigated the aftermath of roadside car bombings. He returned home a completely different man, which he details in his memoir, The Long Walk.

Can Newest Peace Plan For Syria Succeed?

UN special envoy Kofi Annan was back in Syria on Monday for more peace talks, which he deemed "constructive." But he recently said UN efforts to end the violence haven't succeeded and may never succeed. Attacks were reported in Homs and Dara over the weekend. Guest host Maria Hinojosa gets an update from Amnesty International's Donatella Rovera.

1-Year-Old South Sudan: Potential To Be Harnessed

Much fanfare followed South Sudan's independence one year ago. But challenges were also exposed, like how to manage oil revenue and build roads, homes and schools. Guest host Maria Hinojosa learns how the world's youngest country has been doing this year. She speaks with NPR's Ofeibea Quist-Arcton and Juba-based radio host Mading Ngor.
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The Threat To Timbuktu

Political upheaval in the West African nation of Mali is threatening the desert city of Timbuktu, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

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DNS Changer: Cyber Criminals, Internet Access And The FBI

Some 60,000 Americans could have discovered Monday they did not have Internet service. The cause: malicious code created last fall by cyber criminals. What the FBI did and didn't do about it -- and what you can do if your computer is infected.


'Mystery Woman' And Disney Ripoffs: Latest News About North Korea's Leader

Video from Pyongyang shows Kim Jong Un enjoying the show as bogus cartoon characters danced. Next to him was a woman who has caused much speculation. Is she his wife or his sister?

In Afghanistan: Bomb Kills Six Americans; Shocking Video Of Woman's Execution

It was a deadly weekend. And the video of a woman being executed recalled the days when the Taliban ruled the country.

Disney Characters Frolick On North Korean Stage

Disney says nobody in North Korea asked permission to use Mickey and Minnie and some of the company's other characters. A concert for the country's new leader Jim Jong Un featured the Disney stars.