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Iran Ups The Ante With More Nuclear Moves

Tehran has unveiled significant developments on two important components of its nuclear program. Iran also announced it was cutting off oil sales to some European countries, but quickly reversed itself.

Hundreds Dead In Honduran Prison Fire

Melissa Block talks with Jason Beaubien about a deadly fire that engulfed a prison in Honduras on Tuesday night, killing more than 350 inmates. It's unclear how the fire started, but the Central American country has a problem with overcrowded prisons and riots among gang members.

Apple's Foxconn Factory Under Labor Audit

Last month, The New York Times revealed a litany of worker abuses at Apple's largest parts supplier, Foxconn in China. Now the worldwide Fair Labor Association is beginning its inspections. Robert Siegel talks to the group's president, Auret Van Heerden, about the audit.

Syria's Neighbors Fear That Fighting Could Spread

Syria borders several volatile countries in the Middle East, and there are mounting concerns that Syria's violence will lead to turmoil in neighboring states. A shootout in Lebanon last week was linked to the Syrian conflict.

Drinking Takes Center Stage As London Prepares For Olympic Spotlight

Britain has a drinking problem. And it's not just a question of alcoholism, but how the country should grapple with what some call an ingrained tradition, and others call a $4.24 billion nightmare. That's how much the National Health Service says it pays each year in alcohol-related incidents.