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California High Court OKs Law License For Undocumented Immigrant

The state's Supreme Court rules that Sergio Garcia, who has lived and attended university in the U.S., can become a member of the state bar.

Visible And Invisible: 'Servants' Looks At Life Downstairs

Author Lucy Lethbridge explores the history of British servants through their diaries, letters and memoirs. She says, "What I found particularly fascinating was how ... butlers were so butlery"; the old caricature of the clever manservant and the silly master is one "butlers have appeared to play to the hilt."

Expected Flow Of Bulgarians, Romanians Raises Hackles In Europe

On Jan. 1, workers from the two countries became free to move across the EU in search of jobs. But the prospect of new workers from two of the bloc's newest and poorest members has prompted fears of "poverty migrants" – especially in Britain and Germany.

Warring South Sudan Factions Arrive In Ethiopia For Peace Talks

The talks in Ethiopia will focus on a cease-fire, as well as political prisoners and the 2015 presidential elections. But the fighting in the world's newest country continued even as delegates gathered.

Michael Schumacher Remains In Coma On Eve Of 45th Birthday

The race car legend fell while skiing in France on Sunday. A blow to his head caused extensive bleeding in his brain. Doctors induced a coma and have operated twice. They aren't talking publicly about his chances for recovery.

Top Global Stories To Watch In 2014

Tell Me More chats with a global roundtable, about stories to watch this year in Africa, Latin America and the Middle East. Host Michel Martin speaks with NPR's East Africa correspondent Gregory Warner who is in Kenya; Fernando Espeulas of Univision; and Shadi Hamid of the Brookings Doha Center.

As Promised, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Files For Re-Election

He admitted in November to having smoked crack, and Ford has been stripped of most duties. But he insists he's the best mayor Canada's largest city has ever had. The election is set for Oct. 27. The mayor's campaign slogan: "Ford More Years."

Accident Or Not? Palestinian Diplomat's Death Is A Mystery

The Palestinian ambassador to the Czech Republic was killed Wednesday by an explosion at his home in Prague. At first, officials said he may have triggered a bomb meant to explode only if a safe was tampered with. But other officials are disputing that account.
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The Future Of D.C.'s Relationship With The Horn Of Africa

Official Washington has strategic relationships in East Africa -- relationships built on economic and security interests. We explore how these personal and political relationships are evolving and how they shape the face of the Washington.


VIDEO: Stranded Passengers Flown To Safety In Antarctic

The 52 scientists and paying passengers aboard the MV Akademik Shokalskiy had been stranded by ice since Christmas Eve. They've been flown by helicopter to an Australian ship in open waters. The 22 crew members of the Akademik Shokalskiy are staying behind. It's hoped the ship will soon break free.