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Obama's Problem: The Path Forward In Syria Is No Clearer

Despite the president's Syria speech, the path to congressional authorization of military strikes in Syria is no easier than before. The timing of when, or even if, Congress will hold votes is now an open question.

Lessons From Libya On How To Destroy Chemical Weapons

Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi renounced his country's chemical weapons program in 2003, but it has yet to be fully dismantled. That episode offers a number of lessons as the fate of the Syrian program is under debate.
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Weighing A Syria Strike: Lawmakers React

Kojo speaks with a local lawmaker about President Barack Obama's case for a military assault on Syria and how Congress will move forward given a last-minute diplomatic opening by Russia.


One Year After Benghazi Attack, 'Huge Gap' In Investigation

A year ago four Americans, including the U.S. ambassador, were killed. Now, according to news reports, U.S. investigators still don't know as much as they wish about the attackers and the Libyan government has blocked efforts to arrest some suspects.

Authorities Discover Vodka Vending Machine

For a dollar, patrons in one Ukrainian town could enjoy a shot of vodka. Mixers were also available. That is until the authorities discovered the converted coffee machine.

Kerry's Meeting With Russian Is Next Key Moment In Syria Crisis

The U.S. secretary of state will be in Geneva on Thursday to meet with his Russian counterpart. Russia's proposal that the Assad regime hand over its chemical weapons may provide a diplomatic way of resolving the crisis. But the U.S. has said Assad can't use it as a delaying tactic.

Diplomatic Solution In Syria Is Rife With Complications

Diplomats continue to consider a Russian plan to get Syria to hand over its chemical weapons to international control. If nations can agree on the details, the plan could avert a U.S. strike against Syrian targets. But accounting for and destroying Syria's chemical arsenal is a complicated undertaking.

Obama Puts Military Strike In Syria On Hold

President Obama addressed a skeptical nation Tuesday night, trying to make the case for military strikes on Syria. At the same time, the White House is exploring a possible diplomatic alternative that involves putting Syria's chemical weapons under international control.

Syrian Refugees In Turkey Want U.S. Strikes, Turks Are Wary

The international focus on military action in Syria is further straining Turkey's war-stressed border villages. Syrian mortars continue to kill and wound civilians on the Turkish side. Displaced Syrians are still lining up on the Syrian side, waiting for permission to enter Turkey.

Price Of New iPhone May Be Too Expensive For China Market

In a sign of China's growing importance as a market for Apple, the company will be rolling out its new iPhones simultaneously in the U.S. and China for the first time later this month. There are a few signs, however, that the new models will not find the sort of frenzied demand as before.