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Russia May Be Poised To Regain Influence In Region

Elections in Georgia, Ukraine and Lithuania are being closely watched in the West as a test of whether former Soviet states will shift closer to Russia. Russian president Vladimir Putin, for his part, has made political, economic and security reintegration of former Soviet republics a priority.

Pope's Butler Professes Innocence, But Says He Betrayed Pontiff

The case has been an embarrassment to the Vatican and the butler faces up to four years in prison on charges he stole documents pointing to corruption.

Syria, Bahrain Still Feel Arab Spring Aftershocks

The Arab Spring is in its second autumn, but violent upheaval in Syria and Bahrain indicates the uprisings are not over. Guest host Celeste Headlee discusses what's in store for two countries the U.N. calls the biggest human rights offenders. She speaks with Al Jazeera's Abderrahim Foukara and Maren Turner of Freedom Now.
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Free Speech: A Global Debate

An Internet video insulting the Prophet Muhammad sparked riots, but also an international debate about the limits of freedom of speech.


Can Riots Be Predicted? Experts Watch Food Prices

High food prices have often been cited as a factor behind mass protest movements. But a group of researchers say food prices can actually be used to predict when social unrest will occur. And according to their mathematical modeling, we've hit the threshold for more waves of riots.

Women Erased From IKEA's Saudi Catalog; Company Apologizes

Compare the U.S. and Saudi catalogs. All the same stuff is for sale. But you won't find women in one.