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Mexican Cartels Push Meth Beyond U.S. Market

Police in Mexico arrested a man they say is one of the country's largest methamphetamine producers. The arrest comes as Mexican drug gangs are moving aggressively to try to dominate methamphetamine markets not just in the U.S. but throughout Latin America and even Asia.

Swiss Space Program Targets Thousands Of Pieces Of 'Orbital Debris'

The Swiss have only been putting things into orbit for a few years now, but now that they've gotten a look at this debris field, they've decided to do something about it — like playing Felix to the rest of the world's Oscar.

Audits Are Under Way At Apple Supplier Foxconn's Plants

Audits of working conditions are under way at Foxconn's manufacturing plants in China, a key link in Apple's supply chain of iPhones, iPads and other devices. The effort will include visits to at least three sites, "each with more than 100,000 workers," says Auret Van Heerden of the Fair Labor Association.

Europe Wants Assurances For Latest Greek Bailout

The European Union says Greece has made some progress, but not enough, to merit the new bailout it desperately needs to avoid default and keep the euro as its currency. Now, talk is growing about contingency planning if Greece fails to meet the bailout conditions and defaults.

Iran Ups The Ante With More Nuclear Moves

Tehran has unveiled significant developments on two important components of its nuclear program. Iran also announced it was cutting off oil sales to some European countries, but quickly reversed itself.