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Women In Combat: What Do Troops In Afghanistan Think?

Opinions are mixed. Women are already in dangerous places handling difficult assignments. But some troops, both men and women, say they think few women will want to take combat positions, and they question whether women will be able to meet the current physical standards.

'Anything That Moves': Civilians And The Vietnam War

In a new book, Nick Turse says the pressure on U.S. forces to produce a body count during the Vietnam War led to mass civilian deaths. "The idea," he says, "was that the Vietnamese, they weren't really people."

North Korea's Rhetoric And Nuclear Capabilities

Responding to tightened sanctions and a new United Nations Security Council resolution condemning their December rocket launch, North Korea has threatened a new nuclear test, explicitly warning that the North Korean weapons program will target the United States.

Feeling All Cooped Up In The Syrian Capital

Compared to the many war-ravaged parts of Syria, the capital Damascus is doing relatively well. But many families have taken in extra relatives and are feeling the psychological stress of too many people living under the same roof.

VIDEO: Look Out! Car Suddenly Emerges From Foam On Highway

Weekend storms in Australia whipped up several feet of sea foam. There was a close call when one car popped out of the froth and nearly hit people on the road. It's all on video.

Zimbabwe Activists Won't Back Down To Mugabe

In anticipation of the next presidential elections in Zimbabwe, the government of President Robert Mugabe is cracking down on civil rights activists. Activists Magodonga Mahlangu and Jenni Williams have been arrested nearly 50 times each. They talk with host Michel Martin about why they keep pushing for reform.

Iran Claims 'Major Achievement;' Says Monkey Was Sent Into Space

The nation's official media reports the primate was sent up about 75 miles. It reportedly survived the trip. Iran says it's aiming to launch a manned mission in five to eight years. Other nations are concerned that the program is really aimed at developing long-range missiles.

In Egypt: Protests Continue, Opposition Balks At Talks With Morsi

A 30-day state of emergency and some curfews have not stopped protesters from returning to the streets. Meanwhile, a leading opposition group says it won't take part in President Mohammed Morsi's "national dialogue" until he agrees to some reforms.