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After The Paris Attacks, What Should France Do Next?

One big question following the Paris attacks is what France should do next — both domestically and internationally. NPR explores possible responses.

Hillary Clinton Says Allies Should 'Prioritize' Fighting ISIS Over Assad

The former Obama secretary of state called for a no-fly zone in Syria to fight ISIS, but also seemed open to letting Assad stay in power — at least temporarily.

After High-Profile Lobbying, Israel Wants Spy's Release To Be Low-Key

Jonathan Pollard has been imprisoned three decades for spying on behalf of Israel. He has many vocal supporters in Israel, but the government has urged an understated response to his release.

Photographer Abbas Chronicles 'What People Do In The Name Of God'

Abbas became interested in religion while covering the Iranian Revolution. "I could see that the waves of passion [that were] raised by the Revolution were not going to stop at the borders," he says.

Did Vladimir Putin Just Trick Himself Into Solving Syria's War?

Diplomat Tony Blinken tells NPR's Steve Inskeep that settling the conflict in Syria may be the only honorable way for Russia to get out of its intervention in that country.

Why 'Bomb The S*** Out Of Them' Sounds Pretty Good To A Lot Of Voters Right Now

Pundits have been wrongly predicting Donald Trump's downfall in the presidential race for months. The latest conventional wisdom says that after Paris, he will fade. But that might be very wrong.

China's Muted Response To ISIS' Killing Of A Chinese Citizen

China's president condemned the Islamic State, but in keeping with China policy, the remarks were low-key and did not suggest Beijing would take any particular action.
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Building A Global Coalition To Defeat ISIS

The hunt continues for those behind the Paris attacks, as a growing number of regional and world powers agree on the need to unite against ISIS. Diane and guests discuss the prospects for an international coalition and the strategies on the table.


Happy #WorldToiletDay! Here's What It's Like To Live Without One

Walk to the stinky community toilet. Stand in line. Dance to keep from peeing. Curse the people inside for taking too long. Never go at night because predators lurk.

If You Follow These Signs, You'll Flush With Success: #WorldToiletDay

Billions of people around the world don't use flush toilets. That's why there are so many signs that explain what to do — and what not to do.