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Banned From The Ride-Share Business In Spain, Uber Turns to Food Delivery

The ride-share company Uber has decided to try its luck arranging rides for takeout food after it is prohibited in Spain from carrying passengers.

Canadian Lawmaker Uses 'Tight Underwear' Excuse To Explain Absence

Blaming his absence during a vote on too-small underwear that makes him uncomfortable, a member of Canada's House of Commons earns applause from his colleagues.

Thailand Moves To Outlaw Surrogate Services To Foreigners

The law comes after high-profile scandals have shed a negative light on the practice. In one case, an Australian couple refused to accept their Down Syndrome child born to a Thai surrogate mother.

Twin Cyclones Slam Australia's North Coasts

Cyclone Marcia made landfall north of Brisbane as a powerful Category 4 storm but has since been downgraded. Cyclone Lam hit in sparsely populated Arnhem Land.

Eurozone Ministers Weigh Greece's Bid To Extend Bailout

Greece made its latest proposal Thursday, just over a week before the bailout is due to expire. Friday brought reports of a German-led bloc that's willing to have Greece exit the Eurozone.

U.S.: Major Offensive Planned Against ISIS In Mosul This Spring

Looking to take back a city with strategic and symbolic value, the Iraqi military is preparing to launch an offensive against the self-proclaimed Islamic State, a U.S. military official says.

An American Dream, A Cuban Soul: Poet Richard Blanco Finds 'Home'

While immigration is a subject of some of the most intense political debates in this country, inaugural poet Richard Blanco says it also drives his art. He shares his journey of becoming an American.

U.S. West Coast Port Dispute Forces Shippers To Find Alternatives

Global shipping companies are looking for other seaports to unload their goods, including those in Canada and along the East Coast of the U.S.

White House Worries Extremists Are Winning The Propaganda War

The Obama administration's effort to counter violent extremism includes trying to find a way to fight the messages of sectarian strife coming from groups like the self-proclaimed Islamic State.

More Muslim Groups Voice Willingness To Combat Extremism In Their Faith

Many leaders are reluctant to say al-Qaida's or ISIS' terrorism has roots in Islam. But some Muslims say the time has come to acknowledge an extremist strain in the religion, and to combat it.