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Dog Didn't Bite Man, Blind Pot Customer Tells French Court

A blind man who was sold actual grass instead of the grass he was looking for has told a French court that it was he, and not his guide dog, who bit a deceitful dealer.

Pakistan's Parliament Rejects Joining Saudi Coalition In Yemen

Lawmakers in Islamabad instead approved a draft resolution calling on the government to play a mediating role in the conflict against the Houthi rebels.

TV Channel In China Fails With Good News

The channel focused on, "the brighter side of human nature," not "murder" or "fire." Nobody watched. At least that's according to the China Youth Daily, which reported on the channel's failure.

German Student Tries To Use FOI Law To His Advantage

Germany, like the U.S., has freedom of information laws. A German student used the law to request access to his final exam — before the test date. He's not likely to succeed.

There's Common Ground For Final Nuclear Deal, Ex-Iranian Diplomat Says

Steve Inskeep talks to former Iranian nuclear negotiator Seyed Hossein Mousavian, who is now with Princeton University's Program on Science and Global Security.

Pakistan's Dilemma: Should It Assist Saudi Arabia In Yemen Operation?

For the last three days, Pakistan's parliament's been wringing its hands over whether to send troops, and possibly aircraft, to help out the Saudis in Yemen.

Pro, Anti-Castro Demonstrators Clash At Panama Summit

On the sidelines of the Americas summit, tensions rose for a second day between pro and anti-Castro participants. On Wednesday, two opposing Cuban groups actually came to blows at a Panama City park.

ISIS Militants Control Most Of Area Near Yarmouk Refugee Camp

Steve Inskeep talks to Chris Gunness, a spokesman for the U.N.'s relief agency, about the situation at Syria's Yarmouk refugee camp. Militants from the self-proclaimed Islamic State control the area.

In Jamaica, Obama Says Engaging Cuba Is More Powerful Than Isolation

President Obama is in Panama, where he'll share the stage with Cuban President Raul Castro. It's the first time they will interact since the 2 Cold War adversaries moved toward normalizing relations.

Airbnb Finds Interest In Cuba But Hurdles Must Be Overcome First

Airbnb's entry into the Cuban market last week opened many American's eyes to what real estate on the island looks like. Interest in travel and buying homes is up, but there are plenty of challenges.