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Khorasan Group Composed Of Al-Qaida Veterans

One of the targets in overnight airstrikes in Syria was a little known al-Qaida offshoot called the Khorasan group.

ISIS Videos Employ 'Good Cop, Bad Cop' Approach

Robert Siegel talks to Peter Neumann about new ISIS production techniques and the release of their new video showing the kidnapped British journalist John Cantlie.

Nobelist Muhammad Yunus: Be A Go-Getter, Not A Job Getter

The founding father of "microcredit" is helping to judge a contest with maxidollars: the Clinton Global Initiative's Hult Prize, granting $1 million to a new business idea that'll help the poor.

At 'World Routes,' Airports Court Airlines To Bring In More Flights

Some describe World Routes as speed dating for the aviation industry, as airports try to court airlines and convince them to offer international flights in and out of their destinations.

Syria Air Strikes Targeted Command Sites, Training Facilities

The U.S., along with several Arab states, launched air strikes inside Syria overnight. The strikes targeted the group that calls itself the Islamic State.

At U.N., Attention Divided Between Air Strikes And Climate Chage

President Obama headed to the UN on Tuesday with a new bombing campaign underway in Syria and the ability to tout an Arab coalition against ISIS. Fighting the threat posed by ISIS is a major focus of the UN gathering in New York. The president also turned his attention to another global issue, climate change.

Abbas Looks To Students In Palestinian Statehood Campaign

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is hoping to persuade the international community to set a deadline for Palestinian statehood.

Even When Abortion Is Illegal, The Market May Sell Pills For Abortion

An ulcer drug is dramatically changing the face of back-alley abortions in developing countries and cutting the rate of maternal deaths. Misoprostol is widely available even where abortion is banned.

Before You Take A Bite Of That Mushroom, Consider This

Guess what scientists found lurking inside a common-looking packet of supermarket porcini? Three entirely new species of fungi. That's what happens when you DNA sequence your dinner.


Al-Qaida's Khorasan Group Led By Hard-Core Fighters

The group, which was targeted by U.S. airstrikes in Syria last night, has been on the U.S. radar for a while. Intelligence officials say they have tracked its individual members for years.