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And Now For Something Completely Different: Spider Invades BBC Telecast

The arachnid made quick work of the bug and retreated back off-camera — but not before it surprised viewers and entertained many on Twitter and elsewhere.

At Niger's School For Husbands, The Lesson Is 'Space Your Children'

Its birthrate is the world's highest: seven kids per woman. There's not enough fertile land to feed everyone. So Niger is telling its men that a big family is not the only way to be a Big Man.

Israel Says It Has Been Hit By Rocket From Gaza Strip

A three-day cease-fire that was about to end has been breached, Israel says. This comes as Israeli and Palestinian officials are meeting via intermediaries in Egypt to try to reach a longer-term deal.

In A Shift, China Allows Pope Francis To Use Its Airspace For Asia Trip

The Vatican hasn't had formal relations with China since 1949, when the communists took charge. Pope Francis is flying to South Korea today for a five-day visit.

Iraq Update: France Will Arm Kurds; More Refugees Leave Mountain

France says it will deliver weapons to Iraq's Kurds "in the coming hours," moving quickly after the European Union voted to allow such operations.

British Airways Hopes In-Flight Animals Will Cut Stress

The airline saw research suggesting staring at adorable animals lowers your heart rate. Which explains their new entertainment channel: Paws and Relax, featuring shows like America's Cutest Dog.

Liberia Becomes Epicenter Of West Africa Ebola Crisis

Liberia is now the nation reporting the highest number of new cases in the region. It was also a traveler from Liberia who last month carried the Ebola virus to Nigeria and sparked the outbreak there.

Rare Panda Triplets Born At South China Wildlife Park

Giant pandas are endangered and famously difficult to breed in captivity. Born last month, they're in good health. Survival rates for triplets have been historically low.

Older German Workers Jump At Chance To Retire At 63

Germany has lowered its early retirement age by two years. The move fulfills a government promise, but critics say it makes no sense in a country facing a shortage of trained workers.

U.S., Iraqi Teams Aid Yazidis Trapped By Extremist Fighters

Militants from the extremist group known as the Islamic State have trapped thousands of Yazidis on Iraq's Mt. Sinjar. Telegraph reporter Jonathan Krohn tells David Greene about their plight.