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Lost Disney Film, Featuring Oswald The Lucky Rabbit, Found In Norway

Archivists at Norway's National Library, at its vault in the Arctic Circle, found an almost complete version of Empty Socks, featuring the character who preceded Mickey Mouse.

'Computer Failure' Restricts Airspace Over London

The U.K.'s National Air Traffic Control Center experienced a mid-afternoon power failure that has grounded most of the air traffic over London.

Climate Sticking Point: Who Cuts And By How Much?

On the final day of the latest round of climate talks, rich and poor nations meeting in Lima, Peru, have yet to agree on the central issue of emissions targets.

How Can The Rule Of Law Bring "Justness" And Not Just Justice?

Sharing cases from her international legal practice, Kimberley Motley, an American litigator practicing in Afghanistan, shows how a country's laws can bring both justice and "justness."

Remembering Michel Du Cille: Photos Of Sorrow And Triumph In Liberia

The three-time Pulitzer winner died Thursday while on assignment in Liberia for The Washington Post. Regarding those tough assignments, du Cille always emphasized compassion and dignity.

What Does It Take To Cover A War?

Reporter Janine di Giovanni has covered countless wars, including conflict in Bosnia, Sierra Leone and most recently Syria. She tells stories of everyday human courage in conflict zones.

When Big Brother Is An Evil, Jewelry-Obsessed Necromancer

Lord of the Rings fans wanted to build a giant Eye of Sauron atop a skyscraper in Moscow, a place that already can make you feel you're being watched. The Orthodox church had officials scrap the plan.

Born In The U.S. But Turned Back At The Border, Time After Time

Deportations have jumped in recent years. And increasingly, those cases — like that of Maria Isabel de la Paz — are being handled by federal agents at the border, not by immigration courts.

After Law Requires Payments To Papers, Google News Shuts Down In Spain

In a victory for Spain's news outlets, aggregators are now required to pay the sites for linking to their content. But Google's choice could hurt the sites, limiting their global reach and influence.

Medical Mystery: Why Did Ebola Pop Up In A Remote Mining District?

Just over a week ago, officials in Sierra Leone noticed data suggesting an ominous trend: Ebola suddenly seemed to be spreading in Kono District, a land of towering mountains and muddy diamond mines.