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Afghan Landslide: Search For Survivors Ends; Thousands Feared Dead

More than 2,000 people are believed to be dead after a hillside collapsed on part of a remote village in Afghanistan. Heavy rain prompted the landslide, which enclosed hundreds of houses in mud.

Monitors Released In Ukraine As Fire Kills Dozens In Odessa

International observers have been freed by pro-Russian forces in eastern Ukraine. Correspondent Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson speaks to NPR's Scott Simon about their release and new military action.

Sri Lankan Opera Singer Followed Her Dream To American Stage

A Sri Lankan soprano is shattering stereotypes. Tharanga Goonetilleke tells NPR's Scott Simon about being an opera singer and the first Sri Lankan woman accepted to The Juilliard School.

Gerry Adams' Arrest Calls Educational Privacy Into Question

The Sinn Fein Leader was arrested this week for a 1972 murder based on evidence collected by a Boston College project. NPR's Scott Simon talks with Beth McMurtrie of The Chronicle of Higher Education.

European Observers Held By Pro-Russian Force Are Freed In Ukraine

Seven observers are free more than a week after they were seized by separatists in eastern Ukraine. Kiev's government is putting new military pressure on separatists and taking control of TV towers.
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New Twists Further Delay Guantanamo Trials

Allegations that FBI tried to turn a member of the defense team into an informant and that the CIA cut the sound system in a courtroom are slowing progress in the Guantanamo Bay trials.


With Truce, Syrian Regime On The Verge Of An Important Gain

Rebels say they have agreed to retreat from some areas they control in Homs, a city once known as the capital of the revolution.

MERS Virus Comes To U.S., But Risk To Public Is Deemed Low

An American health care worker who worked in Saudi Arabia is the first confirmed case of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome in this country. Health officials are concerned but not panicked.

In South Sudan, Peace Sought In Bringing Two Leaders Together

While on a one-day visit to South Sudan's capital, Secretary of State John Kerry said the country's recent conflict could devolve into genocide. He and regional leaders voiced support for a U.N.-sanctioned force to keep civilians safe.

Outrage Out Of Moscow As News Of Ukrainian Offensive Spreads

Moscow has accused the U.S. and EU of destroying hopes for peace in eastern Ukraine by supporting the interim government's attempts to retake towns occupied by pro-Russia militants.