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The Year In Tweets

President Obama might have had the top tweet this year, but a lot of other notable things were said and discussed on Twitter in 2012. Host Michel Martin gets a breakdown of the year's top tweets from Keli Goff of The Root and blogger Viviana Hurtado of The Wise Latina Club.

Present Thief Nabbed In France

A thief stole brightly wrapped presents, which a French family had left in an unlocked car. But the thief left his cell phone behind. When the family went to the police station to report the theft, the alleged thief was there too, reporting his lost phone.

U.S. Families Stunned By Russia's Ban On Adoptions

An estimated 1,500 American families are in the process of adopting from Russia. About 50 have already been matched with a child. Now, their plans are in limbo. Russian President Vladimir Putin today signed a law barring U.S. adoptions of Russian children.

Doctors Battle To Save Gang-Rape Victim's Life

The Indian woman gang-raped in New Delhi more than a week ago remains in extremely critical condition after being flown to a hospital in Singapore. The attack launched a wave of protests by demonstrators angry at what they see as the government's apparent inability to stop widespread sexual violence against women in India.

China Approves Real-Name Internet Rule

On China's Internet, cyber citizen have been posting incriminating videos or allegations against politicians. Instead of deleting the material, censors have often left it up. So far, at least seven officials have either lost their jobs or are being investigated. But the recent exposure of graft may not last.