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The Mysterious Case Of China's Disappearing Heir Apparent

Xi Jinping, the next in line to succeed President Hu Jintao, has missed important meetings in the past week, with officials offering no explanation for his sudden disappearance.

China Sends Patrol Boats To Islands Disputed With Japan

Despite Beijing's claim of sovereignty over the islands, Japan has nationalized them as part of a deal to buy them from private Japanese owners.

Fears Of Currency Devaluation Mount In Egypt

Throughout the government's transitional period, the Egyptian pound remained stable because the government shored it up through foreign reserves. As those reserves reach dangerously low levels, concern is mounting that a major currency devaluation is imminent.

Army Aims To Use Words, Not Weapons, With Afghans

As the U.S. military steps up training of Afghan troops in preparation for the U.S. withdrawal in 2014, it has also ratcheted up its efforts to train U.S. soldiers in Afghan language and customs. This year, the Army has more than doubled the number of soldiers trained in Pashto and Dari.

Candidates Criticize China; Presidents Show Caution

For more than three decades, presidential candidates have talked tough about China during the campaign season. But in the Oval Office, presidents have generally been much less aggressive.

Electoral Tribunal Clears Mexican President Of Fraud

Mexico's electoral tribunal has officially declared Enrique Pena Nieta president, dismissing the opposition's claims that he won the recent election through fraud. The fraud accusations have clouded the transition to his taking power in December.