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French-Led Forces Poised To Retake Timbuktu

In the West African nation of Mali, French-led forces are close to taking back the ancient city of Timbuktu from al-Qaida-linked extremists. Renee Montagne talks to Al Jazeera correspondent Jacky Rowland, who is embedded with French soldiers.

Egypt's Salafis Emerge As Powerful And Controversial Political Force

The ultra-conservative Muslims, whose influence has grown since the Arab Spring, aspire to a society ruled entirely by Islamic law. But to their critics, the Salafis are religious fanatics who are trying to drag the region back to 7th-century Arabia.

Egyptian President Declares State Of Emergency

Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi on Sunday declared a state of emergency in the three cities most disrupted by clashes with protesters. Weekends on All Things Considered host Robert Smith speaks with NPR's Leila Fadel about the situation.

Fatalities Reported At Mass Funeral For Riot Dead In Egypt

At least three people are reported dead. The funerals were being held for 35 people killed Saturday in anti-government rioting. The violence erupted after an Egyptian court sentenced 21 people to death for their role in a deadly soccer riot last year.

Mali Crisis Likely To Dominate Summit Of African Leaders

The French-led intervention against Islamist rebels is gaining strength. African military chiefs say a minimum of 5,000 regional troops are needed to join the intervention against the rebels.