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'Napoleonland' Would Be A Theme Park Shrine

There's Dollywood devoted to Dolly Parton, Graceland venerating Elvis, and now there are plans for "Napoleonland." The amusement park proposed for the outskirts of Paris would celebrate the achievements of French general and emperor Napoleon Bonaparte. Historian Peter Hicks of The Fondation Napoleon in Paris talks with Robert Siegel about the plans for the park and why Napoleon continues to fascinate people nearly 200 years after his death.

Syrian Troops Step Up Homs Shelling After U.N. Resolution

Syrian troops step up shelling of Homs after United Nations condemns the violence.

Fresh Air Remembers War Reporter Anthony Shadid

New York Times war correspondent Anthony Shadid, a frequent guest on Fresh Air, died Thursday after apparently suffering a fatal asthma attack in Syria, where he was reporting on the political uprising. Fresh Air remembers Shadid with excerpts from his December 2011 appearance on the show.

Destination Ghana: A Son's First Trip Home

Tell Me More is looking at memoirs for Black History Month, and writers of today seem to have a fresh zeal for exploring family histories. NPR producer John Asante describes his journey to Ghana — the birthplace of his parents and the burial place of his father. He shares what the trip taught him about his family and himself.

The Libyan Art Of Honking

Libyans mark one-year anniversary of uprising with a cacophony of celebratory horn honking

Libya Celebrates Uprising, But Still A Long Way To Go

Libyans pour into the streets to celebrate a year since the beginning of the uprising that ousted Gaddafi, but revolutionary militias are a continuing menace.