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Close Race In Egyptian Candidates' Birthplace

Egyptians are voting on the second and last day of the presidential runoff to choose ousted President Hosni Mubarak's successor. One region where the vote is expected to be particularly tight is in Egypt's Nile Delta, north of Cairo.

Forecast For G-20: No Big Solutions

Leaders of the world's biggest economies gather in Mexico this week for a two-day summit. Much of the attention will be on Europe. Economic troubles in the eurozone remain the biggest threat to the global economy, though not the only one. Host Rachel Martin discusses the gathering with NPR's Scott Horsley.

France's New Leader Negotiates To Keep Promises

The Socialists are poised to win a majority in the French parliament. There are high expectations for the new president, Francois Hollande, in both France and Europe. He may soon have carte blanche to implement his policies, but it won't be easy.

Eyes On Greece In Elections Redo

Europe and global financial markets are watching Greece, where voters go to the polls in a rerun of the May elections that created a political stalemate. The vote could affect whether the debt-burdened country stays in the eurozone or if it becomes the first member country to leave it. Host Rachel Martin talks to NPR's Sylvia Poggioli.

Trip To Afghanistan Gives Uncertain Outlook

NPR's Tom Bowman is just back from a month in Afghanistan, where he went out on several missions with U.S. and Afghan security forces. Bowman speaks with host Rachel Martin about what he saw and the way ahead in the war.

Heading Into Iran Nuclear Talks, A Diplomatic Slump

The up-and-down talks appear to be in a down cycle as negotiators prepare to meet Monday in Moscow. Difficult talks in Baghdad last month were followed by contentious comments on both sides less than two weeks before new oil sanctions against Iran are due to take effect July 1.

Racism Fears Hinder Soccer Tourney's Unity Message

The European soccer championship is taking place for the first time in former East Bloc countries Ukraine and Poland. The tournament is supposed to highlight Europe's post-Cold War unity, but the age-old plagues of racism and nationalism persist.