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Egyptians Stage Rival Demonstrations In Cairo

Supporters and opponents of Egypt's President Mohammed Morsi were on the streets of Cairo again on Tuesday, staging demonstrations in different parts of the capital. With the dueling camps separated, the chances of violence have decreased, but there was some early Tuesday in the city's iconic Tahrir Square. Morsi's opponents are demanding that he postpone a scheduled referendum on a draft constitution they see as flawed. But the president insists the vote will go ahead as scheduled on Saturday. Audie Cornish talks to Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson.

U.S. Doctors Provide Supplies, Training To Syrians

After months of revolt, Syria's health care system is collapsing, with half of the country's public hospitals destroyed. Yet Syrian doctors continue to treat patients. Now, a group of Syrian-American doctors is stepping in to help bring crucial supplies and training.

Spain's Civil Servants Draw Grumbles, And Envy

Spain's economic crisis has helped drive the nation's unemployment rate above 25 percent. Many of the jobless resent the relatively high pay and job security public sector workers enjoy.

Noah's Ark Replica Docks In Netherlands

The giant floating hulk opened to the public with some real animals: rabbits and parakeets. The bison and tigers are life-sized sculptures. There are modern creature comforts such as two cinemas and a restaurant.

Syrian Defector: Assad Will Use Chemical Weapons If He's Desperate

The major general who was head of Syria's chemical weapons division until he defected in July says that if rebels advance on Damascus, President Bashar Assad will deploy his deadly arsenal.