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In A Change, Turkey Tightens Its Border With Syria

Smugglers trying to deliver medicine, communications gear and weapons to the opposition in Syria now are facing stricter scrutiny from Turkish border guards. The activists and smugglers say Turkish guards are confiscating phones and other nonlethal gear that was once permitted to pass freely.

Blind Chinese Activist Flees House Arrest

Chen Guangcheng is one of China's best-known activists for his fight against forced abortions. Security forces had been stationed outside his house for 18 months, but he managed to escape. His exact whereabouts are unknown, but supporters say he's safe.

Charles Taylor Verdict Spurs Anger From Liberians

In an historic judgment, the UN-backed court at The Hague found Liberia's former president, Charles Taylor, guilty of war crimes. He was convicted of abetting murder, rape, and the forced enlistment of child soldiers during Sierra Leone's civil war. Host Michel Martin talks about reactions in Liberia and Sierra Leone with journalist Tamasin Ford.

Blind Activist Flees House Arrest In China

Chen Guangcheng escaped on Sunday, his supporters say. Today, a video surfaced in which he appeals to Premier Wen Jiabao to punish those responsible for his treatment.
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What French and Greek Election Results Mean for European Economic Unity

Voters in France and Greece weigh in on German-led austerity measures: What weekend election results mean for efforts to manage the European debt crisis.