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Searching For Stability, Tunisia Stumbles

The North African nation seemed to be doing better than other Arab Spring countries. But it's suffered a recent series of setbacks as it tries to build a stable political system and economy.
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Kenya's Elections

Kenyans went to the polls yesterday in a tense presidential election that could erupt in violence.

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The Sapphires

Inspired by a true story, "The Sapphires" is a lighthearted film about a serious subject: overcoming the legacy of institutional racism in Australia.


Add 'North Korea Expert' To Dennis Rodman's Resume

Experts say that Rodman's head-to-head with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un might reveal something of value.

A Kenyan Teen's Discovery: Let There Be Lights To Save Lions

Richard Turere, 13, put his father's cows in a pen at night. That's when the trouble would start. Lions would jump in the shed and kill the farm animals. One night he was walking around with a flashlight and discovered the lions were scared of a moving light. A light went on inside him and an idea was born.

Violent Street Clashes In Bangladesh Leave Dozens Dead

The unrest came after a court handed down a death sentence to an Islamist leader for his role in the 1971 war that led to Bangladesh's independence from Pakistan. Dozens are reported dead.

Delays, Problems Plague Berlin's New Airport

The new Berlin International Airport was scheduled to open for business in October 2011, but they missed that deadline. Trouble with safety equipment caused delays. But one system is working: All the airport lights are on. Work crews, however, can't seem to turn the lights off.