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Could Malaysian Military Have Prevented Jet's Disappearance?

At one point, Malaysian military radar saw Flight 370 flying back west over Malaysia and toward the Andaman Sea. Why didn't Malaysia scramble jets and try to either stop or follow the plane?

Anger And Shock In Kiev Over Russia's Land Grab

People on the streets of the Ukrainian capital Kiev offer ideas about how the country should respond to Crimea seceding to join Russia.

As Russia Annexes Crimea, Ukraine Seeks Peaceful End To Crisis

Hosts Renee Montagne and David Greene report on Russia's annexation of Crimea and a shooting between Russian and Ukrainian forces on the contested peninsula.

NGO Helps Illuminate Opaque World Of Global Finance

Host David Greene talks to Charmian Gooch of Global Witness about the organization's $1 million TED Prize for work exposing the "global architecture of corruption."

For Small Norwegian Town, Here Comes The Sun

Rjukan, Norway, is a small town sitting in a deep valley. Six months a year, it sees no sun. Until now.

Flu Drugs Saved Lives During 2009 Pandemic

A look back confirms that adults treated with Tamiflu, Relenza or a related drug were half as likely to die in the hospital as those who caught the pandemic flu strain and weren't treated.

Obama's Foreign Policy: More Second-Term Misses Than Hits

Second-term presidents who find themselves limited by congressional constraints often see foreign policy as an arena for success. But it seems to be giving President Obama more fits than achievements.
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Lawyer For Abu Ghraib Prisoners Asks Virginia Court To Reinstate Lawsuit

A judge dismissed the suit against a Virginia military contractor in June.

Politics And Power Complicate The Airliner Search

Malaysia's government, which is leading the search for the missing airliner, has come under fire from critics who are accusing it of mismanagement and partisan politicking.

In Unprecedented International Search, American Navy Lends A Hand

Commander William Marks, a spokesperson for the U.S. 7th Fleet, describes the ongoing search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. The U.S. Navy is lending a hand in the efforts to find it.