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Olympic Flame Missed From London Skyline

One of the most recognizable symbols of the Olympics is invisible to all but a relative few.

Heavy Weapons Pound Syrian Rebels As Nations Accuse Each Other

Fighting continues in Aleppo, Syria's largest city on Sunday while accusations of meddling – and pleas to meddle more – are flying on the international stage.

What To Expect In Egyptian President's First 100 Days

This week, the first freely elected leader of Egypt in modern history is finishing up his first month as president. Guest host David Greene speaks with NPR's outgoing Cairo bureau chief, Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson, and her replacement, Leila Fadel, about the tumultuous last 18 months in Egypt and what lies ahead.

Romney In Israel After Rocky Start To Foreign Tour

Republican presidential candidate Romney is meeting with top Israeli and Palestinian officials and delivering a speech in Jerusalem. Guest host David Greene talks with reporter Sheera Frenkel about the visit.

Romney Camp Comments On Israeli Action In Iran, Then Clarifies

A foreign policy adviser initially said Mitt Romney would "respect" Israel's decision to act militarily to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons, if the country felt it needed to. Romney is scheduled to give a speech in Israel later Sunday.

Disarming Afghan IEDs: Big Job, Too Few Trained

Improvised explosive devices remain one of the biggest killers in Afghanistan. As NATO forces prepare to withdraw from the country, Afghans are learning the special skills they'll need to find and disarm these deadly weapons. Instructors say there's a long way to go before they have enough professionals trained.

Spain's Crisis Pushes Educated Into 'Economic Exile'

Debt, austerity and joblessness have prompted more people to leave the country in search of work. In the first six months of 2012, emigration from Spain is up more than 44 percent from the same period last year. The Spanish government denies it, but the "brain drain" has become something of a flood.

Syria: 'Mother Of All Battles' Looms In Aleppo

Renewed, intense fighting erupts in Syria's largest city, Aleppo, where rebels and government troops are battling each other in several neighborhoods. Although no one has prevailed, the government is expected to force back the rebels because of its superior firepower.

Cyclist Vinokourov Wins Gold Medal In Men's Road Race

Alexander Vinokourov of Kazakhstan won the gold medal in the men's cycling road race Saturday, edging Rigoberto Uran of Colombia in a late sprint. The medal completes a vindication for Vinokourov, 38, who was suspended for doping back in 2007.