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Syrian Troops Continue Crushing Offensive In Homs

Syrian ground troops in the central city of Homs have moved into the rebel-held district of Baba Amr. The military has launched what appears to be a final push to finish off the anti-government stronghold.

In Mock Village, A New Afghan Mission Takes Shape

U.S. forces intend to stay in Afghanistan through 2014. But they are preparing to launch a new approach that would put Afghan troops in the lead when it comes to fighting the Taliban. These American advisers are currently being trained at an Army base in Louisiana.

For India's Undocumented Citizens, An ID At Last

Hundreds of millions of poor Indians have never had proper identification documents, which makes it difficult to do many things in a rapidly modernizing country. A high-tech government project is starting to fix that.

Officials Look For Signs Of Al-Qaida Surge In Syria

Intelligence officials aren't entirely sure how large a role, at this point, al-Qaida is playing in the Syrian uprising and whether it has ties to the opposition at all. What they seem more certain of is that al-Qaida has a presence there and will try to make itself relevant again by exploiting it.

N. Korea To Halt Nuclear Tests; U.S. To Provide Aid

The U.S. says North Korea has agreed to suspend nuclear tests, long-range missile launches and the enrichment of uranium. In turn, the U.S. will send food aid. But analysts say the deal is just the first step in reopening talks on North Korea's nuclear program.

On The Syrian Border, Getting Too Close Could Get You Shot

From the Jordanian side, the lights of Daraa twinkle. It's hard to imagine the brutality that has happened there, but refugees tell harrowing stories. NPR spends time with one of them.