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'Torture Centers' Stretch Across Syria, Human Rights Watch Reports

The watchdog group says interviews with hundreds of former detainees and defectors show that an "archipelago of torture centers" has been created. Opponents of the Assad regime report being beaten, sexually assaulted and subjected to mock executions.

Free Trade Ruling Could Nix Country-Of-Origin Labels on Meat

U.S. requirements for meat to be labeled by country of origin may be in jeopardy after a recent World Trade Organization ruling. Or, maybe not. The U.S. is taking its time to contemplate the next move.

Timbuktu's Treasures Are Being Destroyed As World Watches Helplessly

Muslim extremists are pillaging Sufi tombs and mosques. They're ignoring international protests. To them, the sites are offensive. To most others, they're historical sites of huge importance.

Cheered In Europe, Suu Kyi Faces Crises In Myanmar

After her star treatment in Europe, Myanmar opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi faces a much tougher time at home, where the country faces a range of difficult issues, including violence between Muslims and Buddhists in the western part of the country.

Can Sanctions Force Iran To Change Its Policies?

Iran has been subject to limited Western sanctions for years, but the U.S. and its allies are now taking aim at the entire Iranian economy. The measures are intended to induce the Islamic republic to accept restrictions on its nuclear program.

Scandal That Cost Barclays Chairman His Job Threatens To Spread

Emails from the big British bank suggest traders tried to manipulate a key interest rate. Now regulators in Europe and the U.S. are looking into whether other banks also gamed the numbers.

Cleaner, 'Greener' Cookstoves Need Better Marketing In Bangladesh

Despite decades of global efforts to get cleaner cookstoves to the poor in Bangladesh, very few have adopted them. A new study suggests talking more about the stoves' cheaper fuel costs and less about health hazards may help.

With Problems Egypt, Will Morsi Play Role In Region

Hours after Mohammed Morsi's naming as president-elect of Egypt, the Iranian news media praised what it called Morsi's desire to warm ties with Tehran. Such a move would enrage Gulf Arab states and cause problems with Israel and the U.S. With a long list of domestic problems on his plate, will Egypt's new Islamist leader wade into regional disputes?