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In A Single ATM, The Story Of A Nation's Economy

In Myanmar — a country that's been cut off from the world for decades — it's still a surprise when money pops out of the ATM. That may soon change.

Catholic Church Mediates Ceasefire Between Honduran Gangs

In Honduras, the Roman Catholic Church has arranged a ceasefire between the country's two most violent gangs. The government hopes Tuesday's signing will lower violence in a country that is home to the world's deadliest city.

Anti-Muslim Hate Crimes Rise After Murder Of British Soldier

Robert Siegel speaks with John Fisher Burns, London bureau chief for the New York Times, about how London is reacting to the religious and political extremism expressed by a man who murdered a soldier on a London street.

Woolwich Murder Suspect May Have Ties To Islamist Groups

The British government is setting up a new terrorism task force following last week's brutal killing of a soldier by men wielding cleavers and knives. The task force will look at whether new laws are needed to clamp down on those who promote religious extremism.