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Spain's Crisis Pushes Educated Into 'Economic Exile'

Debt, austerity and joblessness have prompted more people to leave the country in search of work. In the first six months of 2012, emigration from Spain is up more than 44 percent from the same period last year. The Spanish government denies it, but the "brain drain" has become something of a flood.

Syria: 'Mother Of All Battles' Looms In Aleppo

Renewed, intense fighting erupts in Syria's largest city, Aleppo, where rebels and government troops are battling each other in several neighborhoods. Although no one has prevailed, the government is expected to force back the rebels because of its superior firepower.

Cyclist Vinokourov Wins Gold Medal In Men's Road Race

Alexander Vinokourov of Kazakhstan won the gold medal in the men's cycling road race Saturday, edging Rigoberto Uran of Colombia in a late sprint. The medal completes a vindication for Vinokourov, 38, who was suspended for doping back in 2007.

Test Your Olympic Trivia Knowledge

Host Scott Simon talks to writer and trivia expert A.J. Jacobs about little-known facts regarding the Olympics.

A British Critique Of The Olympic Opening

The 2012 Olympic Games opened Friday, with a ceremony that included James Bond and Queen Elizabeth parachuting into the stadium, flyovers, rippling Union Jacks, Shakespeare, sheep and fireworks. Host Scott Simon talks to Simon Hoggart, political sketch writer for The Guardian about the opening ceremony.

On Syria's Front Lines: A Week With The Rebels

Throughout this week, NPR's Kelly McEvers has been bringing us stories from parts of Syria controlled by the rebels who are fighting to oust the regime of Bashar Assad. She talks with host Scott Simon about her reporting.

Romney's Olympic Slip-Up: A Lasting Impression?

Mitt Romney is set to depart from London Saturday, after three days of photo ops and closed meetings. But his assessment of London's handling of the games drew a rebuke from Prime Minister David Cameron. Host Scott Simon chats with Financial Times columnist Gideon Rachman about the visit and the perceptions formed by Romney's hosts.

As The Games Begin, A Look At Early Results

NPR's Tom Goldman talks with host Scott Simon about the first medal events, including cycling and swimming.

Egyptians Break Fast, Beat Heat At The Same Time

The Islamic holiday of Ramadan is taking place during an especially hot and humid season in Egypt. Long accustomed to triple-digit temperatures, Egyptians are turning to a favorite custom for relief from the heat: drinking fresh fruit juice after a fast.