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Bangladesh Lacks Factory, Fire Inspectors For Huge Industry

Melissa Block interviews Judy Gearhart of the International Labor Rights Forum about what the collapse of a complex of garment factories in Bangladesh reveals about the state of the global garment industry.

Iceland Elects Three Pirate Party MPs

The election in Iceland over the weekend marked the first time members of the international online freedom movement were elected to the highest levels of a government.

Chinese Dreams: Freedom, Democracy And Clean Air

Chinese leaders and the state-run media keep talking about the Chinese dream. So NPR's Beijing bureau asked the Chinese to define their dreams. Here's what they said.

Afghan President Says CIA Cash Payments Were Small And Legit

Hamid Karzai was responding to a New York Times report that his office took secret CIA money for a decade.

Chasing The Chinese Dream — If You Can Define It

Touted in the state-run media, "the Chinese dream" is Beijing's latest official slogan. The man who made the phrase famous says it means China becoming the world's No. 1 superpower. But as censors scrub unapproved versions of the concept from the Internet, people wonder: Just whose dream is it anyway?