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Mexico's Election: A Fresh Face For An Old Party

The favored candidate in Sunday's presidential election is from the PRI, which ruled Mexico for decades, until it was ousted from power in 2000. Enrique Pena Nieto promises a different approach to drug violence and says he can boost a struggling economy.

Syrian Youth Lead Rebellion, And Teach Their Elders

Syria's younger generation has led the uprising against the country's repressive regime. Fearless and outspoken, the country's youth are using technology to organize and connect — and are helping their parents do so, too.

Writers Offer Alternate Lens On Modern Middle East

News from the Middle East often centers on political conflict. But there is a more personal aspect to many of the recent events that shaped the Middle East, from the Iranian Revolution to the Arab Spring. Writers from the region have long been capturing those facets through poetry, song and fiction and nonfiction prose.

Photos: Mixed Feelings For L.A.'s Immigrant Minors

How do recent policy changes affect young Los Angeles immigrants? The answers vary.

Arab-Jewish Tensions Creep Into 'Peace Village'

Arab and Jewish families have shared the Israeli village of Neve Shalom for decades, despite violence in surrounding areas. But a recent episode of vandalism has shown that not even this oasis is immune from Middle East strife.

Are Women Worried About New Egyptian President?

The Muslim Brotherhood's Mohammed Morsi is Egypt's first democratically-elected president after the fall of former President Mubarak. Host Michel Martin speaks with Rawya Rageh Cairo-based correspondent for Al Jazeera English, and masters student Yassmine El Sayed Hani about what Morsi's presidency will mean for women and minorities.

Turkey Warns Syria It May Respond Militarily If Provoked; Tensions Escalate

Expressing his nation's "rage" over the shooting down of a fighter jet by Syrian forces, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan warns his neighbor that its forces may be treated as threats if they approach the countries' border.

As 'Hungry Season' Nears, Yemenis Struggle For Food

For years, Yemen has been a crisis of one sort or another. But now, after a year of protest and unrest, the situation for millions of Yemenis is dire. About 10 million people are without enough food to eat, and more than half of Yemeni children are malnourished, aid groups say.