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German Town Separates Parking Spots By Gender

A small town in southwest German has designated two parking spaces, "men only." They're two of the town's trickiest places to park. The mayor's response, guest host David Greene reports, is that it will attract tourists.

Babushkas Sing For The Good Of Their Village

The singing Babushkas of Buranova have made a name for themselves, first as an Internet sensation and then at the Eurovision competition this year. They saved money from their performances to help their ramshackle village. Guest host David Greene has an update on these hard-working grandmothers.

U.N. Tries To Reconcile Accounts Of Killings In Syria

U.N. investigators visited the site of a mass killing in Syria. Their initial report cites a targeted attack on the village of Tremseh, but have been unable to confirm the death toll. The Syrian government says it was an anti-terrorist operation and no civilians were killed. Guest host David Greene talks to NPR's Deborah Amos.

Slowed Growth Reflects China's Uphill Battle

No country has enjoyed more spectacular growth in recent decades than China. But the economy that will one day replace America's as the world's largest also faces a lot of challenges. Guest host David Greene talks to NPR's Frank Langfitt, who was a reporter in China in the '90s and returned to Shanghai for NPR last year.

In Egypt, Clinton Promotes Dialogue With Military

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is visiting Egypt on the tail end of her Asian tour. She has urged Egypt's new, Islamist president to engage in a dialogue with the military to defuse a political and constitutional crisis that is threatening Egypt's transition to a civilian-led democracy. NPR's Peter Kenyon reports.

Crisis-Struck Athens A Tough Draw For Tourists

Tour guides in Greece's capital face are trying to convince visitors that Athens is more than the clouds of tear gas that ring Parliament these days. How do you do that when graffiti coats the statues and homeless people sleep outside the museums?