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Obama Meets Xi: A Chance To Make History

President Barack Obama will meet with Chinese president Xi Jinping in California June 7-8. The rare, informal meeting offers an opportunity to discuss economic, security and environmental objectives. Douglas Paal, of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, discusses possible outcomes.

In Gaza, Hamas Targets Palestinian Informants In Crackdown

Palestinians convicted of working for Israel's security forces face harsh punishment, which can include vigilante justice. Hamas, the Islamic group that runs the Gaza Strip, has been waging a campaign to crack down on Palestinian collaborators, or informants.

Rubber Ducky, You're (Not) The One. Hong Kong Quacker Spawns Others

The beloved six-story, yellow rubber ducky that's been bobbing around in Hong Kong's Victoria Harbour has inspired companies to launch their own ducks in a number of mainland Chinese cities.

Longest Word In German Has Been Retired

German spelling bees are about to get easier: The longest word in German has been retired. It has 63 letters.

The French Learned To Make Wine From Italians 2,400 Years Ago

These days, French vintners are globally renowned for their fine wines. And now, thanks to some nifty molecular archaeology, we know they picked up those winemaking skills from some helpful ancient Italians as early as 425 B.C.

Is Syria's Bashar Assad Getting The Upper Hand?

Since the Syrian uprising began, the opposition often seemed to have the momentum. But that dynamic seems to have changed recently. President Bashar Assad remains defiant and his army seems to be faring better, with help from Lebanon's Hezbollah militia.

As U.S. Troops Draw Down, Can Afghans Take The Lead?

There are two-dozen Afghan special forces teams in eastern Afghanistan. The Americans want to train six more. Still, they are a small fraction of an Afghan army that is still spotty in its performance.

U.S. Worries Afghan Forces Will Divide Along Ethnic Lines

The American combat mission in Afghanistan will end in 2014. One concern for U.S. officials is the possibility that Afghan security forces will splinter along ethnic lines. The worry then is that those troops will start taking orders from warlords.

Reports: American Woman Gang-Raped In India

Police are looking for three men. The woman reportedly accepted their offer of a ride and then was attacked after being driven to a secluded spot in the northern state of Himachal Pradesh. A spate of brutal crimes against women has sparked outrage in India.