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Pope Hurt Head Last Year On Trip To Mexico

A Vatican spokesman denied that had anything to do with Benedict XVI's decision to step down. But the revelation came just two days after the spokesman said the pope underwent a secret operation late last year to replace the battery for a pacemaker.
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"Kingdom of Rarities"

One wildlife biologist is tracking the planet's rarest animals, in hopes of understanding why they’re scarce and what it means for all species. We explore his research, and how technology is helping catalog the world's biodiversity.


With GDP Slip, German Economy 'Finally Lost Its Invincibility'

The German economy shrank 0.6 percent during the last quarter of 2012, dragging the eurozone deeper into recession. There are some positive signs, however.

Canada To Zombies: Drop Dead, Eh

"Canada will never become a safe haven for zombies, ever," the nation's minister of foreign affairs declared this week. It was a tongue-in-cheek moment in Parliament. Or is tongue-in-cheek the wrong analogy in this case?

Airstrike In Afghanistan Renews Concerns Over Civilian Casualties

An airstrike in Afghanistan's Kunar province that reportedly killed 10 civilians and four Taliban militants has reignited one of the most toxic political issues in Afghanistan: civilian casualties as a result of U.S. or ISAF strikes. But early investigations suggest that the reality on the ground in Kunar is more complex than initially reported.
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Jess Bravin: "The Terror Courts: Rough Justice At Guantanamo Bay"

Legal and moral issues continue to be raised about the military commissions set up to try foreigners allegedly involved with 9/11 terrorism. A journalist and a former prosecutor describe the history and challenges of the parallel system of justice at Guantanamo Bay.


'Prisoner X' Mystery Puts Spotlight On Israel's Spy Agency

How an Australian man ended up dead in an Israeli prison is now an international issue. There are reports that he may have been recruited to spy for Mossad and then done something to get himself in trouble with Israeli authorities. There are investigations under way in Australia and Israel.

Pistorius In Custody After Girlfriend's Death

A woman was shot and killed Thursday at the home of South African Olympic and Paralympic athlete Oscar Pistorius. Police tell South African news outlets that Pistorius is the only suspect.