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Mozambique Farmland Is Prize In Land Grab Fever

Villagers say they're getting a raw deal as companies rush to buy up African land to form mega-farms. Farmers complain they've been ousted from the land while promises to improve water systems and schools and replant uprooted crops are not being kept.

Can You ID Germany's 'Forest Boy'?

He walked into a German police department last year, saying he'd been living in the woods with his father for five years and that his dad had just died. Now authorities have released his photo.

On The Ground With Troops In Afghanistan

NPR's Pentagon correspondent, Tom Bowman, recently spent several weeks in Afghanistan following the last major combat offensive in the region. He and Andrew Exum of the Center for a New American Security talk about the situation on the ground just two years shy of the withdrawal deadline.

The Future Of Democracy In Egypt

Egypt's Supreme Court declared recent elections illegal and ordered the Islamist-led parliament dissolved. The decision, by judges who were appointed by former dictator Hosni Mubarak, escalates the power struggle between the military government and the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamists.
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Friday News Roundup - International

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton accused Russia of escalating the conflict in Syria by supplying the Assad regime with attack helicopters. An audit of Spain's banks showed they need between a 60 and 70 billion euro bailout. And thousands of anti-government protesters marched in Moscow to demand fresh elections and a new president. Tom Gjelten of NPR, Susan Glasser of Foreign Policy magazine and Nathan Guttman of Israel's Channel 1 News join Diane for analysis of the week's top international news stories.


Egypt Braces Amid Reports Of Parliament Being Dissolved

Parliament had passed a law barring former Mubarak aides from seeking office. Now the nation's highest court has rejected that. And it has taken aim at the parliament. Protests are expected.

Local Libyan Honey Is Sweet, But Is It Good For What Ails Us?

The Revolutionary Road trip crew turns to The Salt for advice on whether some local Libyan honey could heal one member's upset stomach. The answer is probably not, but if it tastes good, we say, drink up.

Russian Helicopters Heading To Syria May Not Be New

Administration officials tell The New York Times that the aircraft are likely ones sold to Syria in the past that had been sent to Russia for repairs and refurbishing.

Yemen Works To Reclaim Al-Qaida's Territory

Yemen announced earlier this week that it had driven out militants linked to al-Qaida from its southern region, an area that has become a focal point of U.S. concerns about terrorism.