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More Than 100 Dead In Chinese Factory Fire

Fire and explosions ripped through a poultry plant in China Monday, claiming more than a hundred lives. It was one of China's worst factory accidents in memory. Early reports indicate that blocked exits may have contributed to the death toll.
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Richard Haass: "Foreign Policy Begins At Home: The Case For Putting America's House In Order"

The president of the Council on Foreign Relations says the biggest threat to the United States comes not from abroad but from within. Diane and her guest, Richard Haass, discuss why he believes foreign policy begins at home.


Calls For Justice For Tiananmen Met With Silence

Twenty-four years after the crackdown on protesters in Beijing, parents of those killed are still prevented from mourning publicly. However, the rise of the Internet and social media has given democracy activists new tools.
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What's Private In The Modern Age

What's private in the modern age: government collection of personal data, cyber theft and the balance between privacy and security.


In Turkey, Protesters Say Prime Minister Has Gone Too Far

Activists started demonstrating last week about the destruction of an Istanbul park. Then Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's opponents joined in. Many Turks think the government is trying to put too many conservative restrictions on their lives.

More Than 100 Dead In China Poultry Plant Blaze

A state-run newspaper reports that all but one of the doors at the processing plant in northeast Jilin province was locked when flames broke out. The fire is one of the country's deadliest industrial accidents in recent years.

Sons, Who Belonged To Hezbollah, Died 'Heroically' In Syria

The family is proud that Ridwan and Ali Qassem al Attar died as martyrs. But unlike other Hezbollah fighters who died in the battle against Israel, these men died fighting other Arabs in Syria. The family says extreme Sunnis are worse than Israelis.