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Sarkozy Defends His Record In TV Interview

In a three hour TV interview, French President Nicolas Sarkozy defended his record. He apologized for gaffes committed during his five years as president and promised to squeeze more taxes out of the country's biggest companies. But with the election just two months off, some say it might be too little too late.

Israeli Ambassador Weighs In On Netanyahu Visit

Robert Siegel speaks with Michael Oren, Israeli Ambassador to the United States, about this week's meetings between Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Obama.

Brazil Moves To Ease Soccer Beer Ban, As World Cup Spat With FIFA Grows

Brazil moved toward relaxing its strict ban on alcohol at soccer games Tuesday, responding to World Cup organizers' concerns. Soccer's governing body is pushing for the change so it can make Budweiser the "Official Beer of the FIFA World Cup" when Brazil hosts the event in 2014.

Christians Provide Free Labor On Jewish Settlements

Many evangelical Christians believe it is their duty to help Jews expand the Jewish state. They have provided money to help the settlements grow, and now they are coming to labor in the vineyards, which they see as fulfilling biblical scripture.

Ugandan Warlord Joseph Kony Under Spotlight Thanks To Viral Video

The hashtag term #stopkony is trending on Twitter, has been deluged with posts about Kony and he's the subject of a quickly growing number of blog posts and news stories. All thanks to an activist group's new video.