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Foreign Food Aid And The Farm Bill

The so-called farm bill is about a lot more than agriculture subsidies and food stamps. We explore why people around the world closely watched its passage, and where food aid fits into U.S. diplomatic strategy.


First Evacuees Leave Syrian City Of Homs

The Assad regime and rebel leaders agreed on a plan to allow some civilians to leave the besieged city and to let some aid go in. On Friday, about 80 people were brought out. The group was mostly older men, but included some women and children.

Ex-State Dept. Contractor Will Plead Guilty For Leaks To Fox News

Stephen Kim, who was indicted in 2010 for allegedly revealing top-secret information relating to North Korea, will reportedly serve 13 months in prison as part of the plea deal.

Russia Hopes Sochi Ceremonies Stop 'Toilet Tweeting'

As the Winter Olympic Games get underway in Sochi, host Michel Martin speaks with Russian culture expert Jennifer Eremeeva about what the opening ceremonies can teach us about Russia and its people.

Is George Zimmerman On A Road To Perdition?

Rapper DMX is talking about stepping into the boxing ring with George Zimmerman. But the Barbershop guys ask whether it would be better for both men to step out of the spotlight.

Oldest 'Out Of Africa' Human Footprints Found On British Coast

Scientists have found the oldest-known footprints outside Africa, dating from between 800,000 and 1 million years ago, on a beach facing the North Sea.

A Fairy Tale Gone Wrong: Spain's Princess Accused Of Fraud

Spain's royal family, which used to face little criticism, is increasingly becoming a target over its spending habits during Spain's economic woes. The king's youngest daughter, Infanta Cristina, and her husband have had their mansion confiscated are now facing allegations of fraud.

U.S. Diplomat's Leaked Phone Call Gets Poor Reception

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said the use of a distinctly undiplomatic term in regard to the EU was "totally unacceptable." Meanwhile, the U.S. accused Russia of leaking the phone call and Moscow said the recording showed Washington's meddling in Ukrainian politics.

Sochi Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony: As It Happened

Large-scale pageantry opened the Sochi Olympics on Friday, in a symbolically rich Opening Ceremony that was marred by an early and highly visible mistake — one of five massive Olympic rings failed to fully appear.

American WWII Bomb Unearthed, Defused In Central Hong Kong

The 2,000-pound bomb was too big to explode in place — usually the safest option. Instead, it had to be dismantled after some 2,200 residents were evacuated from surrounding apartment buildings.