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Talk Of Civil War Amid Continuing Unrest In Egypt

With no end in sight to Egypt's festering political crisis, the nation seems more polarized then it's ever been. The ruling Muslim Brotherhood is accusing its opponents of resorting to violence in order to oust President Mohammed Morsi. The umbrella opposition group, the NSF, accuses the Brotherhood of pushing the country toward the brink of civil war. Khaled Dawoud, a spokesman for the opposition says he is scared that Egypt may not survive this.

A Close-Up Of Syria's Alawites, Loyalists Of A Troubled Regime

A director spent a year filming the Alawite community in the Syrian coastal city of Tartous, where many believe President Bashar Assad is the only man who can save them from the mostly Sunni Muslims leading the country's rebellion.

5 Things To Know About Margaret Thatcher

Thatcher was Britain's first female prime minister and its longest-serving premier since the 19th century. She is widely credited with playing a key role in ending the Cold War. Thatcher died Monday at age 87.

How Margaret Thatcher Changed The World

Britain's first female prime minister, Margaret Thatcher, died Monday following a stroke at the age of 87. Thatcher served for 11 years and was a highly divisive leader. She is remembered for implementing sweeping reforms of Britain's economy and for her key role in the demise of the Soviet Union.

North Korea's Threats: Predicable Pattern Or Provocation?

The North Korean government officially suspended operations at the Kaesong industrial complex, withdrawing all of its more than 50,000 workers. Many see the complex as the last remaining symbol of North and South Korean unity and fear that tensions may be nearing a dangerous tipping point.

Britain's Thatcher An Unlikely Icon For American Conservatives

A woman hailing from a place many U.S. conservatives once viewed as a hopeless bastion of liberalism has become an enduring figure for the right. Just as Ronald Reagan helped move conservatism from the fringes of U.S. politics, Margaret Thatcher helped do the same on the international stage.

Deadly Blast In Damascus Reflects Growing Danger In Capital

A major blast inside what's known as the "Square of Security" in the Syrian capital today is the latest sign of the deteriorating security situation in the capital. The instability has grown so quickly in the past month or so that many die-hard Damascenes are fleeing.

'I Liked It,' Putin Says Of Protest By Topless Women

In Hanover, Germany, the Russian leader was greeted by three women protesters who stripped off their tops before shouting expletives at him. While he professed to enjoy their demonstration, Putin's aides want the women punished.