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Court's Ruling May Force Africans To Leave Israel

The Israeli court upheld a government plan to deport South Sudanese illegally living in the country. Human rights groups say the government isn't differentiating between economic migrants and genuine asylum-seekers.

Looking To The Future, Libya Erases Part Of Its Past

Moammar Gadhafi dominated the country for decades, and replacing his idiosyncratic rule is still a work in progress. It involves everything from removing exhibits at the national museum to revamping the way the oil industry is run.

An Olympic Task: Finding Good Food At The Games

Restaurants and caterers will perform their own feats of strength and endurance when the Summer Olympics get started in London next month. They'll serve about 14 million meals, but critics are already panning the menu.

Pakistan Faces New Challenges Under Rising Tensions

Weekend Edition Sunday host Rachel Martin talks with NPR's Islamabad bureau chief Julie McCarthy about the the tensions and challenges which are shaping Pakistan from inside and out.

What's Next For Spain's Bailout Plan?

European leaders have announced they are ready to help Spanish banks by supplying them with a roughly 100-billion-euro loan — but nobody wants to call it a bailout. Weekend Edition Sunday host Rachel Martin talks with NPR's Phillip Reeves about their plan.

India Keeping Close Eye on Neighboring Pakistan

The U.S. isn't the only nation concerned about tensions in Pakistan as neighboring India keeps a close eye on its relationship. Weekend Edition Sunday host Rachel Martin talks with New Yorker writer Steve Coll about how India plays into the U.S.-Pakistan relationship.