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A Funky-Fresh Sound From Somalia, With A Political History

A dance band called Dur-Dur Band ruled the nightclub scene in 1980s Mogadishu, thanks to a unique sound made possible by access to Western culture and instruments.

Malaysia: Entrenched Coalition Wins 13th Straight Election

The National Front coalition that has governed Malaysia for 56 consecutive years won a majority of parliamentary seats in a general election Sunday, extending its streak of victories that began in 1957.

British Member Of Parliament Says Rape Claim Is False

One day after being arrested over allegations that he raped one man and sexually assaulted another, a senior British legislator says the accusations are without merit. Britain's House of Commons Deputy Speaker Nigel Evans says the claims were made by people "who until yesterday I regarded as friends."

Syria's News Agency Blames Israel For Damascus Blasts

Several explosions shook the Syrian capital, Damascus, on Sunday. Syrian state television says the Israeli military conducted the attack. Host Rachel Martin speaks with NPR's Deborah Amos in Amman, Jordan, and NPR's Emily Harris in Jerusalem.

Violence, Hardship Fuels Central American Immigration To U.S.

While Mexican immigration to the U.S. has slowed in recent years, the number of Central Americans heading north has been on the rise. Last year, the number of illegal border-crossers caught from countries other than Mexico hit nearly 100,000 — more than double the year before.

Foreigners At Home: Turkey Beckons To Germany's Turks

After years of being treated as second-class citizens in Europe's economic powerhouse, large numbers of Turks — descendants of the first wave of immigrants — are returning to Turkey. Prospects in their homeland are looking up, while times are harder in Germany.