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Cancer May Sideline Chavez's Political Career

Over 13 years of colorful rule, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has run his country like a game show host. He's been on TV daily announcing new projects, taunting the United States, even singing songs. Now, he has an aggressive cancer that has largely kept him off the air and away from the spotlight. And that has Venezuelans wondering if the populist leader will even make it to the October presidential election.

A Nobel Acceptance Speech — Two Decades Overdue

Myanmar's Aung San Suu Kyi is now being allowed to travel abroad for the first time in nearly a quarter century. She's heading to Europe and plans to deliver several high-profile speeches, including an address for the Nobel Peace Prize she was not allowed to collect in 1991.

Russia Is Giving Syria Helicopters, Clinton Says

She warned that such action "will escalate the conflict quite dramatically." Meanwhile, the U.N.'s peacekeeping chief said the conflict is now a full-scale civil war.

Ahead Of Moscow Talks, U.S. Options On Iran

The next round of talks over Iran's nuclear ambitions opens in Moscow in June. Michele Flournoy, former Under Secretary of Defense for Policy at the Pentagon, joins NPR's Neal Conan to talk about the U.S. options on Iran.

Harissa: The Story Behind North Africa's Favorite Hot Sauce

Christopher Columbus and other explorers brought red peppers from the New World back to Europe, where they spread across the globe, each culture adapting a pepper paste or sauce to their taste. Harissa is North Africa's contribution.

Blood, Smoke, Fear: U.N. Video From Syria

United Nations monitors have posted video of the deadly destruction they've seen. And in one village, a man angrily declares: "We are people! We are not animals!