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Syrians React To Peace Prize Winners With Skepticism

Syrians seem unimpressed with this year's Nobel Peace laureate — the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, the international chemical weapons watchdog that is currently working in Syria to catalogue and destroy the Syrian army's stockpiles of poison gas. In the words of one activist in Damascus, reaction "ranges from pure anger to disillusion to sarcasm to black comedy."

Peace Prize Winners Want To Rid The World Of Chemical Weapons

The Nobel Peace Prize is being awarded this year to chemical weapons inspectors involved in a dangerous mission in Syria. The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical weapons is the guardian of the global ban on chemical weapons. The Norwegian Nobel Committee wanted to highlight its work not just in Syria but around the world, as it tries to get rid of an entire class of weapons.

Syrians Are Widely Critical Of Nobel Peace Prize Decision

Many say the award fails to recognize the victims in the country's war. Some even call it a present to President Bashar Assad for agreeing to give up chemical weapons.
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Women Opting Out Of The Workforce

Whether "opting out" of a career track or scaling back job ambitions to raise a family, many women face their biggest challenge when it comes time to opt back into the workforce.


Report: Syrian Rebels Executed Pro-Regime Villagers

Human Rights Watch says that jihadist-led rebels killed and kidnapped hundreds of villagers belonging to the minority Alawite sect.

What You Need To Know About The Group That Won The Nobel

The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, which won the peace prize Friday, is currently working in Syria to eliminate chemical weapons there. It's also spent years working to destroy the stockpiles in the U.S. and Russia, the countries with the largest arsenals in the world.

What Does Identity Mean For An Immigrant?

Entrepreneur Tan Le tells her family's harrowing journey from Vietnam to Australia. She talks about how her upbringing as a Vietnamese refugee living in Australia has defined her identity.

Can Stories Overcome Identity Politics?

Novelist Elif Shafak describes how fiction has allowed her to explore many different lives, to jump over cultural walls, and how it may have the power to overcome identity politics.

What Do You Call Home?

Country and culture used to serve as the cornerstones of identity, but what does "home" mean to someone who comes from many places? Writer Pico Iyer talks about the meaning of home in a world where the old boundaries of nation-states no longer apply.


Each of us has a sense of who we are. But is identity assigned at birth? Shaped by circumstance? Or is it something we choose, that changes over time? This hour, TED speakers describe their journeys to answer the question: who am I?