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What A Show! China's Movie Theaters Have Improved Dramatically

NPR's Frank Langfitt can't get over how much things have changed for movie fans such as him. In only a decade or so, China's theaters have gone high-tech. And they've gotten expensive.

Egypt May Be Headed To Runoff Between Islamist And Former Mubarak Aide

As officials count ballots from this week's first-ever free presidential election, the Muslim Brotherhood is claiming its candidate got the most votes and will be in a runoff next month against ousted President Hosni Mubarak's last prime minister.

Legendary Rats Return To German Town

Hamelin was the setting for the tale of the Pied Piper who lured the town's rats into a river and then led away its children when he wasn't paid. Some 700 years later, the rats have returned and chewed through the electric cable powering the town's fountain.

Treason Trial Complicates U.S.-Pakistani Relations

The Pakistani doctor who helped the U.S. pinpoint the location of Osama bin Laden is facing a 33 year prison term. A Pakistani court convicted him this week of treason. The sentencing drew protests from the Obama administration, but many in Pakistan wanted an even tougher punishment.

Hollywood Dreams Led Chinese Firm To Buy Into U.S.

When the Chinese firm Wanda announced the purchase of AMC cinemas, it may not have made a lot of business sense in the short term. But it could be part of a larger strategy that will bring the company into the U.S. in a major way.