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Legal Action Initiated Over Malaysian Flight's Disappearance

A Chicago law firm is taking the first legal action against Malaysian Airlines and Boeing, the maker of the 777 that disappeared over the Indian Ocean, on behalf of the families of the passengers.

Ukrainians Open Their Homes To Crimean Refugees

Even before Russia's annexation of Crimea, residents began fleeing the area. Volunteers in Kiev and elsewhere in Ukraine have offered their homes to displaced women, children and military families.

Researchers Detail How Climate Change Will Alter Our Lives

A United Nations panel has released a report from scientists who are getting a much better understanding of the effects of climate change.

With No Karzai On Ballot, Afghans Study Presidential Candidates

Voters in Afghanistan will elect a new president this weekend. For the first time since America went to war there, President Hamid Karzai will not be on the ballot.

New Photo Of Prince George Pleases The Internet

A new picture of Prince George, the 8-month-old son of Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge, shows a cute boy who's more taken with the family dog than with being photographed.

Egypt's Presidential Election Is Set For Late May

Egypt will hold its presidential election on May 26 and 27, a government election commission announced Sunday. Many expect the country's former military chief to win the office.

Caught Between Russia And Ukraine, Border Cities Share Only Worry

The buildup of Russian troops on Ukraine's border is unnerving residents to either side. Though sharply divided in opinion, all fear to lose ties of family and trade.

Angry Relatives Of Passengers On Flight 370 Demand Answers

Holding banners with messages like, "Hand us the murderer" and "Give us our relatives back," the family members chanted, "Tell us the truth," at a news conference in Malaysia.
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Warner Wants Ukraine's Help Fighting Cyber Crime

The hackers responsible for the security breach at Target stores came from the Ukraine, and Virginia Sen. Mark Warner wants their help in putting a stop to these crimes.


Air Mystery Pulled Malaysia Together, But Now Pulls It Apart

The disappearance of flight 370 has fueled political criticism and ethnic tensions in Malaysia. NPR's Rachel Martin discusses the nation's internal divisions with political scientist Bridget Welsh.