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Christians Provide Free Labor On Jewish Settlements

Many evangelical Christians believe it is their duty to help Jews expand the Jewish state. They have provided money to help the settlements grow, and now they are coming to labor in the vineyards, which they see as fulfilling biblical scripture.

Ugandan Warlord Joseph Kony Under Spotlight Thanks To Viral Video

The hashtag term #stopkony is trending on Twitter, has been deluged with posts about Kony and he's the subject of a quickly growing number of blog posts and news stories. All thanks to an activist group's new video.


Remaking Russia's Military: Big Plans, Few Results

Vladimir Putin says a strong military is needed to protect Russia's resources from foreign powers. Using strong anti-Western rhetoric, he promises to equip the army with new warplanes and missiles designed to penetrate the proposed U.S. anti-missile shield.
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The Hill: With Israeli PM In Town, Lawmakers Take Differing Tacks On Iran

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu continues his visit to Washington D.C. on Tuesday, prompting lawmakers to take a stance on the middle east and a potential pre-emptive strike against Iran.


Syria's Rebels Ask, Why Aren't The Weapons Coming?

Despite strong rhetoric from some Arab states, the Syrian opposition says it's not seeing many imported weapons, which they say they need. The rebels are expecting more bloodshed and don't understand why they aren't getting more help from abroad.

Report: Arming Syrian Rebels May Worsen Situation

Robert Siegel speaks with Robert Malley, a Program Director at the International Crisis Group, about a new report that takes an in-depth look at the Syrian crisis, the Bashar Assad regime and what can happen next.