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Few Good Options Remain To End Syrian Attacks

The U.S. joined Britain, Germany, and other Western countries in expelling senior diplomats from Syria in response to the weekend assault that killed more than 100 civilians. Syria's government denies any responsibility for the attacks, the latest in a year-long struggle for control of the country.

Journalist Interviews, Films 'Al Qaeda In Yemen'

Ghaith Abdul-Ahad traveled deep into al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) territory to find out what the organization has to say for itself for his documentary, Al Qaeda In Yemen. He shares AQAP's response to U.S. and Yemeni military attacks and how the group controls the city of Jaar.

Wrigley The Goat Aims At Cubs' Curse; Xiao Sa The Dog Races Across China

In America, Cubs fans are hoping a goat will reverse the team's long-standing bad luck. In China, fans are cheering a little dog that ran along as cyclists rode 1,100 miles and over 12 mountains.

Nuevo Latino: Not Your Grandma's Cooking

Award-winning chef Guillermo Pernot is known for his brand of Nuevo Latino cuisine, which borrows flavors and ingredients from the Spanish, Africans, Chinese, French and Americans, among others. Pernot, whose Cuba Libre restaurant has locations in several cities, talks to NPR's Michel Martin about his passion for cooking, and the evolution of Cuban cuisine.

'Flame' Malware Said To Be Targeting Iran: Huge Deal Or Huge Hype?

Word from the antivirus experts at Kaspersky Lab that "we've found what might be the most sophisticated cyber weapon yet unleashed," and that this Flame spyware is targeting Iran and some places in the Middle East, is getting lots of attention.

Italy Rocked By Second Deadly Quake

At least 15 people are dead and it's feared that others are trapped in rubble and that the death toll will rise after an earthquake today in Northern Italy. The 5.8-magnitude temblor is the second deadly quake to hit Italy in the past nine days.

Syrian Diplomats Expelled As Nations Condemn Executions

Fewer than 20 of the 108 people killed Friday in Houla died from artillery fire, according to the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights' office. Syrian diplomats are being expelled from countries around the world in response.

Dog Follows Cyclists For 1,100 Miles

A team of long-distance cyclists was traveling across China, and they fed some chicken feed to a small stray dog. That little white canine followed them for 20 days, 1,100 miles and over 12 mountains. One cyclist started a blog about the dog and it's attracted 40,000 followers.