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Tragedy Prompts Calls For Change To EU Immigration Policies

The European Commission is calling on the European Union to launch a Mediterranean-wide search and rescue mission to intercept boats carrying migrants. Earlier this month, a boat filled with African migrants caught fire and sank off the coast of an Italian island.

Kidnapped Libyan Prime Minister Freed By Captors

The Libya State News Agency has announced Prime Minister Ali Zeidan has been freed. Earlier it was reported that gunmen kidnapped him from a hotel in Tripoli where he resides. The abduction came amid anger among Libya's powerful Islamic militant groups over the U.S. special forces raid that seized a Libyan al-Qaida suspect.

What A U.S. Default Would Mean For Pensions, China And Social Security

Whatever happens to a the global economy, one thing is clear: If the U.S. defaults, people all over the world who have loaned the government money won't get paid on time.

Long Road Ahead For Weapons Inspectors In Syria

The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons is sending another team of inspectors to Syria. They are moving quickly to rid Syria of its chemical weapons stockpiles, as outlined in a U.N. Security Council resolution. The U.S. has praised Bashar al-Assad's regime for keeping its pledge, so far. But many activists are worried that this chemical weapons deal buys Assad more time. The US insists that is not the case.

Activists Sue U.N. Over Cholera That Killed Thousands In Haiti

A cholera outbreak in Haiti was likely triggered by United Nations peacekeeping forces stationed there after a 2010 earthquake. A human rights groups wants the U.N. to take responsibility for the cholera outbreak and to compensate Haitian families.
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Rebecca Eaton: "Making Masterpiece: 25 Years Behind The Scenes At Masterpiece Theatre And Mystery! On PBS"

The executive producer of TV's "Masterpiece Theatre" series talks about her decades-long career and why she first turned down "Downton Abbey."


U.S. To Scale Back Military Aid To Egypt, Reports Say

Hundreds of millions of dollars in military aid, including jets, tanks and helicopters, could be cut off in response to the ouster of President Mohamed Morsi and a deadly crackdown on his supporters.

A Recurring Tragedy: Death In A Bangladesh Garment Factory

The fire at a garment factory outside the capital Wednesday is the latest in a series of such disasters and comes just six months after the worst disaster in the garment industry's history.

Top Stories: Nobel In Chemistry; Yellen Gets Nod As Fed Chair

Also: Boehner says short-term shutdown deal would be 'unconditional surrender" and U.S. to cut some military aid to Egypt.

All Talk And No Do: Latest On The Shutdown And Debt Ceiling

President Obama and House Speaker John Boehner trade barbs, while some federal employees considered "essential" are working without a paycheck.