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State Dept. Protocol Ambassador Capricia Marshall

The State Department's chief of protocol reflects on traveling the world with the president and acting as Washington's official greeter for foreign leaders and diplomats.


Bike Commuter Miffed By Notice Of 15-Minute-Only Parking

A cyclist who commutes to work in Vancouver was surprised and angered last week when she found a note on her bike threatening its confiscation. Her offense? Parking in the "15-minute only" bike rack.

Woman Killed In Venice Beach Rampage Was On Her Honeymoon

A car plowed through the crowd on the California city's famous boardwalk. The driver has been charged with murder. About a dozen people were injured, and one person, 32-year-old Alice Gruppioni of Italy, was killed. Her new husband is devastated. Videos from the scene are chilling.

Why Gay Pride Celebrations In Uganda Were Discreet

Gay pride celebrations are held loudly each summer in New York, Paris and Berlin. But when Uganda held its version of the event this weekend, it was done very privately. It came as the Ugandan parliament considers a piece of extremely anti-gay legislation, and as discrimination against gays is widespread

WTO Sides With U.S. In Poultry Dispute With China

The World Trade Organization has ruled in favor of the U.S. in a long-standing trade dispute over allegations China unfairly imposed anti-dumping tariffs that restricted American poultry exports. China could appeal the WTO decision.

Outlook For U.S.-Iran Relations Brightens With Rouhani

Iran inaugurated its new president over the weekend. President Hasan Rouhani is a moderate who has called for dialogue with the United States. Both countries have expressed an interest in talking again. Linda Wertheimer talks to Vali Nasr, dean of the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, about U.S.-Iran relations.

Secretary Kerry Adds His Voice To Disputed Zimbabwe Vote

Secretary of State John Kerry is weighing in on the Zimbabwe elections, saying the results do not reflect the will of the people. Host Jacki Lyden speaks with NPR's Ofeibea Quist-Arcton from the capital Harare on Kerry's statement, which details several reported problems at the polls. Longtime President Robert Mugabe was named with victor on Saturday.

Aaaannnd The 12th Doctor Who Is ...

The newest Time Lord to pilot the Tardis is Peter Capaldi. He'll be replacing the 11th Doctor, Matt Smith, on the long-running British science-fiction television show.

Australian PM Calls September Elections

Just six weeks after wresting control of the Labor Party from a rival, Kevin Rudd says the poll will be a referendum on who is trusted to lead an economy in transition.

Snowden Case Illustrates Decline In U.S.-Russia Relations

Russia has become a relations nightmare for the United States, and its offer of temporary asylum to the NSA leaker and fugitive is only the tip of the iceberg.