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Summer Nights: Cuban 'Jubans' In South Sudan

In Juba, the capital city of South Sudan, there's a small corner of Havana. A number of Jubans who studied in Cuba have tried to recreate some of the atmosphere of the Caribbean island in their southern Sudanese homeland.

Here's Where Farms Are Sucking The Planet Dry

Farmers are emptying some of the world's most important aquifers faster than rainfall can replenish them, which means less water for everyone. This map from the journal Nature shows where irrigation is doing the most damage.

The Olympic Art Of Shushing: Who Decides When Fans Can Be Noisy?

There seems to be a vague logic that dictates which Olympic sports are conducted against a backdrop of noise, and which operate in a cone of silence. Each sport has its own norms — but not all nations agree.

Rogue Condoms Appear In Olympic Village; Organizers Take Action

It should come as no surprise that Olympics organizers take brand endorsements and official suppliers very seriously. And that extends beyond logos on shorts and shoes — up to, and including, condoms. That's right, the Olympics has an "official" condom — and organizers want to know how a bucket of rogue condoms reached the Olympic Village.

Flooding In Philippines Forces 400,000 To Evacuate; 16 Deaths Reported

According to officials, about 1.2 million people have been affected. Manila is being called a "waterworld."

Cameron Athletes Disappear From Olympic Village

The head of Team Cameroon has confirmed that a swimmer, a soccer player and five boxers have disappeared from the Olympic village. Cameroon is a poor country, and some speculate its a quest for a better life instead of Olympic gold.

U.S. Gymnast Raisman Wins Gold, Bronze Medals

The "Fierce Five" have finished their run at the London Summer Olympics. That's the nickname given to America's female gymnasts. They started the games by winning the most important gold medal in the team event. They finished Tuesday with their team captain Aly Raisman finally getting the break that seemed so elusive.

Japan's Nuclear Debate Weighs Safety, Economics

Anti-nuclear protests are growing in Japan over Tokyo's decision to restart two nuclear reactors in the wake of the March 2011 disaster at the Fukushima nuclear plant. Many Japanese fear another accident, but others say the lack of nuclear power will further hurt the ailing economy.