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In The New Libya, Lots Of Guns And Calls For Shariah

Moammar Gadhafi suppressed everyone who posed a potential threat, including Islamists. Today, Islamists are vying with secular groups for supremacy in post-Gadhafi Libya. Derna, outside Benghazi in eastern Libya, is one of the battlefields.

Venezuela's Chavez Aims To Beat Cancer, Election Foe

In 13 years of colorful, often demagogic rule, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has run his country like a game show host with daily TV appearances. Then cancer struck, forcing Chavez to scale back. Now, he has reappeared, but his countrymen are wondering just how sick Chavez is as he prepares to run for re-election in October.

At Syrian Military Hospital, The Casualties Mount

The Syrian opposition has publicized the thousands of civilian deaths in the country's uprising. But the military says that casualties among government soldiers are also rising sharply.

Tough Fines Don't Dissuade Protestors In Moscow

Tuesday saw major protests in Moscow — despite tough new laws targeting demonstrators — and raids on the homes and offices of opposition leaders. Melissa Block speaks with BBC Moscow correspondent Damien McGuinness, about political expression and repression in Russia.

Syrian Government Lands On UN's 'List Of Shame'

The United Nations Special Representative for children and armed conflict has put the Syrian military and its allied shabiha militias on its "list of shame" this year. The report says that children as young as 9 years old have been killed, arrested, tortured and used as human shields.