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To Combat Sanctions, Iran Buys Up Gold

Iran's economy has been hit hard by U.S.-led sanctions that have targeted its oil exports and its banking system. In response, Iran appears to have gone on a gold buying spree as it attempts to halt the downward spiral of its currency.

Woman In Kenya Names Her Twins Obama, Mitt

In his acceptance speech, President Obama said he would reach out to his Republican rival. A young mother in Kenya seems to have caught the spirit of reconciliation. On Wednesday, Millicent Owuor gave birth to twin boys, and named them Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

Stakes Rise In Malaria Battle As Cracks Appear In Drug's Armor

At health clinics along the Thai-Myanmar border, malaria is getting tougher to treat as resistance to medication grows. Doctors say it may be time to focus on eradicating malaria before the drugs lose potency.

For China's Rising Leader, A Cave Was Once Home

Xi Jinping is the son of a prominent political figure who fell out of favor in the 1960s. Just a teenager at the time, Xi was sent off to a remote rural area where he lived in a hillside cave for seven years.

Elated Kenyans Revel In Obama Win

Kenyans celebrated nationwide as the U.S. election results rolled in Wednesday morning, Kenyan time. President Obama's father was Kenyan, and many in the East African nation consider the president one of their own.