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China's Communists Declare War ... On Boring Meetings

If the new Communist Party leadership in China has its way, the country will be saying zaijian to droning speeches and over-the-top red carpet receptions. These are the first concrete signs of change since China's new party leader, Xi Jinping, took power last month.

Egads! Aussie DJ Pretends To Be Queen, Gets Hospital To Talk About Kate

A nurse who certainly didn't seem suspicious rather cheerfully told the faux queen (and a fake Prince Charles) that the pregnant duchess is doing better. Kate is being treated for severe morning sickness. The hospital is apologizing for sharing the information.

Hundreds Dead, Hundreds Missing After Typhoon Slams Philippines

Rescuers are having trouble reaching many of those who were in the storm's path. Mud, fallen trees and downed electrical lines are in the way.

Deal Reached In Calif. Port Workers Strike

A tentative agreement has been reached to end an eight-day strike that crippled the nation's largest port complex. Shippers were prevented from delivering billions of dollars in cargo to warehouses and distribution centers across the country.

India Clears A Path To Bring In Big-Box Retailers

The plan by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's governing coalition would let foreign supermarkets operate in Asia's third-largest economy. But two days of verbal sparring leading up to the Lower House vote revealed deep suspicions about bringing global chains like Wal-Mart to a land of mom-and-pop stores.

Palestinian Olive Harvest Turns Bitter As Economy Sputters

Olive trees symbolize peace and freedom for the Palestinian people, but the economic realities of living in the West Bank are making it harder than ever to cultivate and harvest this traditional food source.

Kabul's Roads, Paved With Good Intentions

Afghanistan's capital is notorious for rough, often unpaved streets and fetid sewage trenches. A massive construction project has snarled traffic, and frustrated residents and businesses.