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N. Korean Conundrum: Are Political Changes Real?

The country's army swore oaths of loyalty to leader Kim Jong Un after he was given the new title of marshal of the nation. This follows the army chief's dismissal. Analysts suspect the announcements mask far deeper changes, but there's disagreement about what those changes are.

Activists Fear Brazil's Triumph Over HIV Has Fizzled

When other countries were struggling to deal with the HIV epidemic, Brazil openly acknowledged the problem and launched aggressive campaigns to raise awareness and treat the disease. But activists now say say there are no longer organized HIV prevention efforts.

Fierce Counter-Assault Follows Syrian Assassinations

Fighting continued in the Syrian capital of Damascus and its suburbs on Thursday. There are also reports of another major government offensive in northwestern Syria, near President Bashar Assad's hometown.

Russia, China Block Another U.N. Resolution On Syria

Russia and China have vetoed a UN Security Council resolution that warned of sanctions for Syria.

China And Russia Veto U.N. Resolution Threatening Sanctions On Syria

China and Russia vetoed a U.N. resolution threatening sanctions against Syria unless it stops targeting and attacking civilians.

Italy's 'Armani Of Mozzarella' Accused Of Having Mafia Links

Giuseppe Mandara runs one of Italy's major cheese producers. He's compared himself in the past to one of the world's leading fashion designers. But now he stands accused of being in business with the Mafia.