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Syrian Rebels: New U.S. Aid Not Helpful Without Weapons

The top rebel commander in northern Syria was not impressed with Secretary of State John Kerry's announcement of new direct U.S. aid to the rebels and their political leaders.

Hezbollah Trial Offers Clues To How Militant Group Operates

Audie Cornish talks to Nicholas Kulish, a New York Times reporter, about the trial of Hezbollah member Hossam Yaakoub earlier this week in Cyprus and what it has revealed about the inner workings of the organization.

In Depressed Spain, ATMs That Dispense Free Cash

For Coca-Cola, it was both a PR move and a social experiment. The company set up an ATM that gave out 100 euros ($131) and asked only that recipients share the money. A video of the campaign has gone viral.

Dennis Rodman To Kim Jong Un: 'You Have A Friend For Life'

The former NBA star known as "The Worm" is in the Stalinist state to be part of an HBO series exploring cultures around the world.

Reporter's Notebook: The Agony Of Syria's Civil War

Secretary of State John Kerry announced plans to provide $60 million in aid to Syrian rebels. With the country engulfed in civil war, an important battle is underway in the northwest, where rebels may soon control all of Idlib province. NPR's Kelly McEvers reports on her trip to the region.

China Accuses U.S. Of Hacking Military Sites

Barely a week after a major report outlining likely Chinese hacking on American companies, Beijing officials say the U.S. is doing the same thing.

U.S. Boss Offers Blunt Critique; French Workers Give Fiery Response

The Illinois-based Titan tire company was weighing the purchase of an ailing factory in France. But in a leaked letter, Titan's CEO said the deal was off because the workers were unproductive and the unions "crazy." A war of words has ensued.