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German Economy At Risk For Rescuing Neighbors

The financial situation in Europe quickly deteriorated on several fronts this week. Spain's borrowing costs are soaring and several regions of the country are on the verge of asking the central government for a bailout. Spain is also trying to prevent a collapse in its stock market by banning short selling. At the same time, the continent's strongest economy, Germany, was put on a negative outlook by Moody's because of the huge costs it would absorb rescuing its weaker European neighbors.

Whistle-Blower Law Unlikely To Help Italy's Migrants

Italy's government has passed a law that would grant work and residence permits to illegal migrants who report exploitive employers. But the economic crisis means the law is unlikely to be effective, as desperate migrants compete for limited work and the illegal economy grows.

NYT Excerpt: Offshore Banking In Belize

In his New York Times column, Adam Davidson describes setting up an offshore company — and discovering that it just takes a little money and less effort.
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Hosting The Olympics

Officials in London hope the Olympics will be an economic boon for the city, but prior hosts have found that's not always the case. Diane and guests discuss the economics of hosting the Olympics.


Waitress, There's A Spy In My Soup (Or At Least There's One Serving It)

The government of North Korea has been pushing to open restaurants in cities around the world. Now there's word that the waitresses may also be spying on the customers, especially if the patrons are from South Korea.

Political Crisis Behind The Faltering Eurozone

Spain's recession has deepened and Spanish borrowing rates are at the highest level since the euro was introduced in 1999. Walter Russell Mead of The American Interest and Steven Erlanger of the New York Times talk about the long-term political effects of the euro crisis.