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Once Safe, Cairo's Streets Now Plagued By Crime

Egypt's criminals are among those who have benefited from the country's revolution. Cairo, once known as a safe city, has seen a rise in lawless behavior, including everything from sexual assaults to carjackings, bank thefts to kidnappings.

Palestinians Fear New Israeli Moves In West Bank

A 1993 interim peace accord divided the West Bank into three areas. The largest, known as Area C, is under full Israeli control. Israel continues to build Jewish settlements there and has issued orders to demolish Palestinian homes.

Boosting Travel Options, Google To Buy Frommer's

Frommer's is one of the best-known travel guide-book companies. The search giant is trying to offer more robust travel related results and sell more ads. Last year, Google bought the Zagat restaurant review brand as well.

Egypt's President Forces Key Military Heads To Retire

Egypt's President Mohammed Morsi made a surprise decision to force top military officers into early retirement.

Diversity Helps South Korean District Win Locals Back

Itaewon is a neighborhood in South Korea that locals used to avoid because it attracted a high number of foreigners, especially young American soldiers from the U.S. Army Garrison just down the hill. But Itaewon's image has changed in recent years — it's now a trendy hangout for young Koreans, attracted by its relatively liberal atmosphere in a culturally conservative nation.

Calls Grow For U.S. To Intervene In Syrian Conflict

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visited Istanbul this weekend to talk with Turkish officials about a post-Bashar Assad future for Syria. Clinton says it's urgent to plan for a transition and make sure Syria's institutions remain intact. She's also warning against a sectarian war. But some Syrian exiles say the U.S. has done too little, too late and its messages won't be heard as the warring factions become more radicalized.

After Olympics, London Sees Exodus Of Thousands

The well-staged London Olympics have drawn to a close and on Monday, thousands of fans made their way to airports for the flight home.