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Border Battles A Cat-And-Mouse Game In Syria

Much has been made about the rebel takeover of Syrian border towns in recent days. NPR's Kelly McEvers spent last week with anti-government rebels, in rural territory they hold near the Turkish border. The second part of her series on that trip begins in a town where fighting shows that while the rebels are gaining ground, the Syrian regime still has them outnumbered.

Syrian Rebels Growing More Confident In Rural Areas

The Syrian government still has the upper hand in the country's largest cities, but rebels now hold large swaths of territory in rural areas. (This piece initially aired July 23, 2012, on Morning Edition).

Many Questions Remain After Bulgarian Bus Bombing

Robert Siegel talks with Nicholas Kulish, Berlin bureau chief of the New York Times, about the investigation into a deadly attack on Israeli tourists at a Bulgarian tourist destination. The Israelis believe that the Islamist militant group Hezbollah is behind the attack, with help from Iran, but Bulgarian officials have been hesitant to assign responsibility for the bombing that killed six people as well as the bomber.

It's Deja Vu As Pakistan's Political Crisis Deepens

Pakistan's Supreme Court has given the prime minister until Wednesday to ask Swiss authorities to reopen an old corruption investigation of President Asif Ali Zardari. The premier has refused, and the court is threatening to find him in contempt of court and remove him — as it did his predecessor.

Message To Syria: You Can't Use Chemical Weapons On Foreigners, Either

By threatening instead to use its chemical or biological weapons against "external aggression," the Assad regime is going up against customary international humanitarian law.

Many Muslim Olympians Get A Break On Ramadan Fasting

Hundreds of Muslim athletes are participating in the London Olympics, which officially begin Friday. But along with travel and other logistics, they're also adjusting to Ramadan, the holy month that requires them to fast.

Olympic Economics, The Pre-Games Show

The Olympics are a great spectacle. So is the sport of figuring out whether the event is a money-maker, a financial flop or something in between.

Dozens Dead After Iraq's Bloodiest Day This Year

A series of apparently coordinated attacks in at least 13 cities also injured hundreds of people.