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Bolivia Takes Chile To Court Over Access To Sea

The landlocked nation wants to reclaim access to the Pacific that it lost in a 19th century war. But it's unclear if Chile will submit to the International Court of Justice and engage in the process.

As Myanmar Reforms, Old Tensions Rise To The Surface

After decades of military rule, Myanmar is experiencing rapid economic and social reforms. But some now fear that long-suppressed ethnic and religious tensions will be hard to contain. Violence between Buddhists and Muslims that began in the western part of country last year now appear to be spreading.

In the Golan Heights: Stray Bullets And Spring Cleaning

The Syrian civil war rages just a short distance across the frontier from Israeli-occupied territory. As spring blossoms around them, Israelis are watching warily.

From The Border To The Fortune 500

Hector Ruiz is one of the few Latinos who have led Fortune 500 companies. He grew up poor in a small coal-mining town in Mexico. He shined shoes to help his family get by, and walked across the U.S.-Mexico border each day to go to high school in Texas. Host Michel Martin talks with him about his new memoir, Slingshot.