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Deadly Bangladesh Collapse: Building Owner Arrested

Cheers broke out at the scene of collapsed factory when news was announced of his arrest near the Indian border. The death toll from last week's collapse now stands at 377, and is expected to rise.

Iraq Pulls 10 Broadcasters' Licenses Over Sectarian Violence

Iraqi officials have suspended the right of several TV broadcasters to operate in the country, as media regulators say the stations' coverage of sectarian conflicts incites more violence.

For Afghan Policewomen, Danger Often Comes From Colleagues

Afghan policewomen face a high risk of sexual assault, and often it takes place in police bathrooms and changing rooms, a human rights group says.

N. Korean Refugees Tell Tales of Ordinary, Desperate Lives

Sokeel Park assists refugees from North Korea adjust to their new lives in the South. He hears first hand accounts of everyday life in the oppressive country — a life that can be poor, dangerous and rigidly controlled by the state.

The Challenges Of Making A Film In Saudi Arabia

The film about a girl and her desire to ride a bike has been well received internationally. But few Saudis have seen it because the country does not permit movie theaters.

As The Car Market Moves East, An Extravaganza In Shanghai

China is the world's largest auto market. NPR's Frank Langfitt went to Shanghai's sprawling auto show this week, and compares it with the ones he used to cover in Detroit a few years back, when General Motors and Chrysler were on the ropes.

Iraq's Sunnis Form Tribal Army, As Sectarian Violence Builds

Sectarian tensions are fueling violence and protests in Iraq, where more than 170 people have been killed since Tuesday, when government forces clashed with Sunni Muslim protesters. "Sectarianism is evil," Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki says on Iraqi TV, after 10 Iraqi military and militia members were killed in separate attacks Saturday.