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Pope Compares Bangladesh Factory Workers To 'Slave Labor'

News reports say that workers at the factories housed in the building that collapsed last week were paid about $50 a month. More than 400 people were killed in the collapse, and some of those who couldn't be identified were given a mass funeral on Wednesday.

Bolivian President Evo Morales Expels USAID

He accused the organization of undermining his leftist government. In 2008, Morales expelled the Drug Enforcement Administration from Bolivia.

Deal To Protect Bangladeshi Factory Workers Still Elusive

After deadly disasters in clothing factories, labor activists are trying to persuade at least two more retailers to agree to improve working conditions in Bangladesh. Two retail giants have already signed onto a proposal that would mandate that fire and safety inspections be made public and require retailers to pay for needed factory repairs.

U.S. Aims To Track Foreigners Who Arrive, But Never Leave

Almost half of all undocumented immigrants living in the U.S. came legally — but then overstayed their visas. In an effort to curb those "overstays," the Senate is considering a bill that mandates tracking visitors' visas when they leave the country, not just when they arrive.

Analysts Divided On U.S. Arming Syrian Rebels

This week President Obama said it was important to remain prudent in coming to conclusions about chemical weapon use within Syria, something he said could change the nature of U.S. involvement there. Melissa Block talks to analysts Andrew Tabler and Joshua Landis about U.S. involvement in arming rebels in Syria.

S. African Leader Under Fire After Awkward Visit With Mandela

Nelson Mandela had a bewildered look and was largely unresponsive when President Jacob Zuma stopped by earlier this week. After the visit was televised, some South Africans began criticizing the president, saying the images were disrespectful to the iconic figure.

Once A Grand Occasion, May Day Loses Significance In Russia

May Day in Moscow used to attract thousands of people to celebrate International Workers Day. Although May Day may still be a holiday, it's much less of an occasion now.