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Kerry Returns To Mideast In Hopes Of Restarting Peace Talks

Secretary of State John Kerry returns to Israel and the occupied West Bank this week in his continuing efforts to restart peace negotiations. To help the political process, he wants to drive new investment to the West Bank. Emily Harris looks at traditional industries and growing technology sector.

British Driver Says She's Sorry In 'Twit And Run' Case

A British driver who struck a cyclist with her car — and who then bragged about the incident on Twitter — has issued an apology. The incident caused an uproar after the collision Sunday.

London Attack Deemed Likely Terrorist Incident

The incident occurred Wednesday when the suspects attacked the man near a London military barracks.

Costa Concordia Captain To Face Manslaughter Charges

Capt. Francesco Schettino is accused of negligence that led to the grounding of the ship and of abandoning the stricken vessel while a rescue of its more than 4,200 passengers and crew was still underway.

Riots In Sweden. That's Right. Sweden

Sweden has a global reputation as a smoothly run, harmonious nation. But following the death of an immigrant, three nights of rioting have prompted some soul-searching.

China's Artist Provocateur Explores New Medium: Heavy Metal

In 2011, police detained Ai Weiwei for 81 days. Now, he's released a song that's turned the experience into a heavy metal protest song, along with a dystopian nightmare video. The lyrics are explicit and angry. Ai says his music is for the many political prisoners who remain jailed.