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In Contentious System, Hope For A Russian Orphan

Artyom Savelyev's adoptive mother in Tennessee put him on a plane two years ago and sent him back to his homeland, unaccompanied. Now, he's living with a foster mother near Moscow. The 9-year-old's journey highlights the challenges both within Russia and between Russia and the U.S. over how to care for orphans.

Pope Visits Cuba To Recharge Faith, Urge Reform

Pope Benedict XVI's trip will be the first papal visit to the island since John Paul II's historic trip in 1998. Two outdoor public Masses will give Benedict a chance to address the Cuban people, and all sides of Cuba's long political conflict will be looking for a little sympathy from the pope.

'Living, Breathing Archaeology' In The Arizona Desert

Every year, thousands of migrants cross the border from Mexico to Arizona, leaving behind artifacts from their journeys. Some of the items end up in trash bags, others in a museum. Still others end up in the morgue.

Despite Cease-Fire Push, Violence Escalates In Syria

The situation in Syria got much more troubling this week, as thousands of people around the country went to protest against the government, government troops continued to fire on protesters, and armed rebels clashed with government troops in what's looking more and more like an insurgency. All this despite a push by the United Nations for a cease-fire.

Line Of Defense: Arguments In Afghan Attack Case

Murder charges have been filed against Staff Sgt. Robert Bales, accused of killing 17 Afghan civilians. Now, an investigative officer will decide whether there's enough evidence to go forward with a court martial, leaving a number of legal challenges ahead for the prosecution and for the defense.

'Unfinished Revolutions' Churn In Middle East

When a young fruit-seller named Mohammed Bouazizi set himself on fire in Tunisia late 2010, the popular uprising that followed was succeeded by a string of protests in the region. Middle East analyst Mark Lynch says no one predicted this string of uprisings. But he tells host Scott Simon many people saw that the old order was crumbling.

Pope Encounters A 'Wounded, Depressed' Mexico

The throngs of well-wishers stretched for miles along the highway from the airport when Pope Benedict XVI arrived Friday. The pontiff comes during a presidential campaign and amidst a brutal drug war that's terrified and desensitized much of the country.