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Venezuelan Oil Subsidies Still Buoy Neighbors, For Now

Late President Hugo Chavez helped out ideological peers in Latin America, as well as key U.S. allies in the Caribbean. But with Venezuela's own financial challenges and an upcoming presidential election, many of those countries are worried their vital oil lifeline is about to be shut off.

A Big Battle Over A Tiny Isle In The Nile

The 70-acre patch of agricultural land is prime real estate next to Cairo, and it has been the subject of a long fight over ownership.

How Credible Are North Korea's Threats?

North Korea has been ratcheting up the rhetoric against South Korea and the United States. Analysts say the secretive nature of the country make it difficult to judge its intentions and capabilities, however.

With Hagel In Afghanistan, Explosion Hits Near Defense Ministry

A bomb exploded near the Defense Ministry in Kabul Saturday morning as U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel is visiting in Afghanistan. The Taliban claimed responsibility, calling it a message to the new Pentagon chief.

Chavez's Funeral Draws Dignitaries From Around The World

Venezuela held a funeral for late President Hugo Chavez on Friday. Audie Cornish talks to Juan Forero.

With Conclave Set, Catholic Church Moves One Step Closer To A New Pope

Catholic cardinals announced they will begin their conclave to select the next pope on Tuesday. Audie Cornish talks to Sylvia Poggioli.