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What's Next For Spain's Bailout Plan?

European leaders have announced they are ready to help Spanish banks by supplying them with a roughly 100-billion-euro loan — but nobody wants to call it a bailout. Weekend Edition Sunday host Rachel Martin talks with NPR's Phillip Reeves about their plan.

India Keeping Close Eye on Neighboring Pakistan

The U.S. isn't the only nation concerned about tensions in Pakistan as neighboring India keeps a close eye on its relationship. Weekend Edition Sunday host Rachel Martin talks with New Yorker writer Steve Coll about how India plays into the U.S.-Pakistan relationship.

The Role Of U.S. Aid In Pakistan

Nations are reacting to rising tensions in Pakistan and Weekend Edition Sunday host Rachel Martin talks with Democratic Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts about the value of U.S. aid to that South Asian nation.

After The Games, It's Time For British Grub

For visitors and athletes from around the world who will be staying in London this summer for the 2012 Olympic Games, they might be wondering what they're going to eat.

Free Syrian Army Linked To Damascus Attacks

The violence in Syria continues to escalate as another massacre was reported this week. The gunfire and explosions has spread to Damascus, where heavy shooting and explosions were reported on Friday night. U.N. monitors issued a preliminary report on Saturday that includes disturbing details for a country that is technically in a ceasefire, according to NPR's Deborah Amos.

Spain, Eurozone Agree To 'Financial Support'

Spanish and euro zone officials announced their intentions after a three-hour emergency conference call on Saturday. If they make good on it, Spain will be the fourth – and largest — member of the 17-nation euro zone to receive outside help as Europe's debt crisis marches on.