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'Cracking Sound' Heard Before Bangladeshi Building Collapsed

Reporter Jim Yardley of The New York Times has learned a lot about the man who owned the building in Bangladesh which collapsed last week, killing more than 500 people. He talks to David Greene about the owner's place in a corrupt system, and the challenges facing the country's garment industry.

Veteran British Broadcaster Admits To Sexual Abuse Of Girls

Stuart Hall is the latest British TV personality who has been linked to sexual abuse. His arrest is part of an operation that followed revelations about the beloved Jimmy Savile, who died in 2011.

Labor Watchdog Groups Limited In Their Power To Enforce Laws

The collapse of the garment factory in Bangladesh is seen as a gross violation of safety and workers rights. There are international organizations which try to guide and encourage companies and governments towards better codes of conduct, but the groups have no legal recourse.

Sea Of Syrian Refugees Threatens To Overload Jordan

More than half a million refugees have crossed into Jordan, and the number is expected to rise rapidly. Jordanian officials say the influx is threatening the stability of the kingdom.

Kazakhstan Says It's Cooperating In Marathon Bombing Case

The statement from the government of the Central Asian country comes a day after federal prosecutors charged two Kazakh men in connection with the marathon bombings.

With Robocalls, Eritrean Exiles Organize Passive Resistance

Dissent is not tolerated in Eritrea, so exiles from the African nation had to get creative when it came to organizing opposition. They are now relying on robocalls that tell Eritreans to stay home Friday evening, the night traditionally devoted to going out.