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China Criticized In U.S. Debates, But Stays Close

With the final presidential debate on Monday tackling foreign policy issues, surely China will be a familiar topic. It seems every four years, the U.S. relationship with China takes a beating during campaign events. Host Guy Raz speaks with James Fallows of The Atlantic about why candidates attack China yet presidents always balance their rhetoric.

Tourist Deaths Raise Poison Expert's Suspicions

Over the past few years, a string of young tourists, mostly Western women, have died mysteriously in Southeast Asia. One science writer and poison expert says a popular cocktail may hold a clue.

Hopes Rise For Girl Shot By Taliban

Just three and half weeks ago, Pakistani teenager Malala Yousafzai was shot in the head by the Taliban. Weekend Edition host Scott Simon talks with NPR's Philip Reeves about the condition of the young girl who has become a poster child for the Talban's brutality.

Amid Calls For Reform, China Waits For New Leaders

As China prepares for a once-in-a-decade leadership transition, pressures are mounting for the party to change. Discontent over stalled political reforms, a U-turn in economic policy, and a political scandal involving murder and corruption suggest change is expected — but it could be only limited in scope.

'The Revolutionary': An Unrequited Love For China

Sidney Rittenberg is one of the only American citizens to have joined the Chinese Communist Party. Though he was imprisoned for 16 of his 35 years in China, he still regards Chairman Mao as both hero and criminal.

German Lawmakers Move To Quell Uproar Over Circumcision

A German regional court effectively banned circumcision this summer after ruling that the ancient practice amounts to assault. That fueled accusations of religious intolerance in a country still haunted by its Nazi past. Now lawmakers are pushing through a bill to make circumcision legal.