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Mexican Drug War Chokes Nuevo Laredo With Fear

Narcotraffickers battling over turf in northern Mexico's border town of Nuevo Laredo have left a trail of bodies and a populace afraid to speak. Last week, nine corpses were dumped near the outskirts of the city. Making matters worse, 131 inmates escaped from a prison in about two hours outside Nuevo Laredo.

South African Children's Hospital Closed Under Apartheid To Reopen

With local hospitals in Durban, South Africa, strained by the AIDS epidemic, city leaders are trying to restore and reopen a historic children's hospital shut down in the 1980s during apartheid. The hospital originally opened in 1931 with a mandate to serve kids of all races.

Libyan Government To Disband Rogue Groups

Violent protests in eastern Libya have set in motion a movement to take back the nation from dozens of militias born from the revolt against Moammar Gadhafi. But since the dictator's demise, the militias have helped to secure the country's streets. The state promised to integrate sanctioned militias into the security forces.

Signs Emerge Of Economic Change In North Korea

As North Korea prepares for an unusual parliamentary meeting Tuesday, farmers have told the Western media that new agricultural rules will give them more control over their crops — which would mark a significant change for the state-run economy. It raises hopes that the country is on the verge of a major shift.

Foxconn Temporarily Closes iPhone Plant After Riot

Thousands of workers in northern China rioted inside a Foxconn plant to protest their treatment by security guards. The company says about 40 people went to the hospital with injuries. Foxconn has come under intense scrutiny for its working conditions.