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Hurdles Slow Post-Gadhafi Elections In Libya

Libya's transitional government has postponed the country's first post-revolutionary elections. The ballot was originally scheduled for June 18, but will now be held in the first week of July. The government remains far behind on preparations for the vote, and there are serious regional rifts that some fear could lead to violence. Steve Inskeep talks to Audie Cornish.

Presidential Hopefuls Use Fear Campaigns In Egypt

The presidential run-off in Egypt has deteriorated into a nasty debate over whether the country should have an Islamist government or a Mubarak-style regime. Each of the candidates is using scare tactics to draw voters to their side.

Maypoles, Mosh Pits In Olympics Opening Ceremony

More details have been revealed about the July 27 opening ceremony of the London Olympics. Noted movie director Danny Boyle says the show will open with a pastoral vision that includes horses, chickens, and sheep and somehow involves a mosh pit and a troupe of National Health Service nurses. Melissa Block and Audie Cornish have more.

Malnutrition Stunts Growth Of N. Korean Children

The United Nations is warning that two-thirds of North Koreans are suffering from chronic food shortages. The UN's representative in Pyongyang says about half the country's children are stunted from malnutrition. While the North Korean government acknowledges the food shortages, there are no signs of structural reform to alleviate the problem.

Cancer May Sideline Chavez's Political Career

Over 13 years of colorful rule, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has run his country like a game show host. He's been on TV daily announcing new projects, taunting the United States, even singing songs. Now, he has an aggressive cancer that has largely kept him off the air and away from the spotlight. And that has Venezuelans wondering if the populist leader will even make it to the October presidential election.