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Obama Calls For Tolerance At U.N. General Assembly

President Barack Obama addressed world leaders Tuesday in New York City as he opened the UN General Assembly.

Greek Olive Oil Woes Echo Country's Broader Economic Challenges

Greek businessmen say the country has never managed to properly market its prized olive oil. They say many of the country's business practices will have to change if it is to become a player on the world market.

Bolivia's Cerro Rico: The Mountain That Eats Men

Centuries of silver mining have left Cerro Rico mountain in the southern highlands of Bolivia on the verge of collapse. The Spanish forced Quechua Indian slaves into the mines to bankroll their empire. Today, the Quechua own the mines, but conditions here are still brutal.

As Numbers Swell, Syrian Refugees Face New Woes

As the conflict in Syria grinds on, thousands are fleeing their homes for refuge in neighboring countries. Jordan, to Syria's south, is having a difficult time caring for the 200,000 who have arrived so far.

Sorry Ma'am: BBC Apologizes To Queen Over Terrorism Disclosure

The BBC has issued an apology for revealing details of a private conversation one of its reporters had with Queen Elizabeth II in which she expressed concern over why it was so difficult to arrest Abu Hamza al-Masri. The British radical Muslim cleric just lost his fight against extradition to the U.S., where he faces terrorism charges.

The Path Ahead For The U.S., NATO And Afghanistan

NATO has suspended some joint operations and training with the Afghan Army and police. While the suspension is temporary, it raises serious questions about the role of U.S. troops in Afghanistan, and whether or not Afghans will be ready to take control of their own security in 2014.