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Falkland Island Hero's Brutal Past Discovered

Capt. Pedro Giachino was the first to die in his country's failed invasion of the Falkland Islands, 30 years ago Monday. He's an iconic figure of sacrifice, but human rights groups have found another role he played in Argentina's history.

Myanmar Party Says Dissident Leader Wins Election

Supporters of the main opposition party celebrated a projected victory in closely watched by-elections as Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi won a seat in the country's parliament for the first time. The results could help to consolidate support for political reforms and herald the end of foreign sanctions on a country ruled by a military junta.

Israel, West Bank Settlers Brace For Showdown

Israel's Supreme Court says an unauthorized West Bank outpost must be dismantled by the beginning of August, but the settlers are warning that they might resist government attempts to remove them.

Socialist Campaigns Against Sarkozy, 'Big Finance'

French voters go to the polls in three weeks to cast ballots in the first round of their presidential election. Current President Nicolas Sarkozy is fighting for his life in a close race against a man who has never held national office and is virtually unknown outside of France. Eleanor Beardsley profiles socialist candidate Francois Hollande.

Far-Right European Movements Unite

In Denmark, far-right movements from various countries are gathering with the hope of launching a pan-European, anti-Islamist alliance. NPR's Philip Reeves reports.

To Keep Protesters Away, Egypt's Police Put Up Walls

The barriers went up near the Interior Ministry in Cairo, turning vibrant neighborhoods into a maze of checkpoints. Some residents say the walls symbolize the divisions between the country's authorities and ordinary citizens.