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Talks Over Iran's Nuclear Program Resume In Kazakhstan

Iranian envoys are to meet over the next two days with diplomats from the U.S., Russia, Britain, France, China and Germany. No one is expecting a breakthrough though in the long-running confrontation over Tehran's nuclear enrichment program.

Jewishness On Display: 'Truth' By Way Of Discomfort

A new exhibit in Berlin's Jewish Museum is intentionally provocative. The point, one curator says, is to "get people talking about how they perceive Jews, particularly in Germany today." At the center of the controversy is a display in which a Jewish person sits inside a glass showcase and answers questions from visitors.

Emigre Artist Sculpted Exquisite Gems Of Russian Folk Life

Semiprecious stones were the medium of choice for Vasily Konovalenko, a Soviet ballet set designer turned sculptor. His masterful workmanship captured Russian characters, from Cossacks and drunks to country folk and czarist henchmen. He fell afoul of the authorities and left Russia for the U.S. in the 1980s.

North Korea Moves Missile To Its Eastern Coast

North Korea is said to have moved a missile closer to its east coast, and threatens to close a joint industrial zone.

Britain's Class System More Complicated Than Once Thought

A new study finds that the socio-economic class system in Britain is more complicated than previously thought. Instead of the standard categories of lower, upper, and middle class, the study identifies seven social classes. Audie Cornish talks with researcher Fiona Devine about the findings.

North Korea Blocks South Korean Workers From Shared Facility

Earlier this week we talked about the Kaesong Industrial Complex with a North Korea expert — professor Aidan Foster-Carter from Leeds University. The facility is the North Korean manufacturing base for 120 South Korean firms and is a workplace for Koreans from both sides of the border. Now that South Korean workers have been blocked from entering the complex, Audie Cornish checks in with Foster-Carter once again.