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Corruption A Leading Theory Behind India's Blackouts

The world's biggest power outages last week have exposed one of India's most serious issues — the growing gap between energy supply and energy demand. Left unheeded, it will deepen gathering doubts about India's dream to become a superpower. A growing economy, ballooning population and burgeoning urbanization are driving energy demands ever upward, while India's investment in power transmission and distribution has not kept up.

British Bank's Value Tanks After Laundering Charges

At a time when European banks already are struggling, three huge British banks recently have been charged with engaging in bad practices or flat-out corruption. Barclay's had its LIBOR scandal, HSBC had its drug money scandal and now Standard Bank is being accused of money laundering. What's going on in London and what are the potential impacts on the U.S. economy?

Outsourced Croissants Outrage Traditional French Bakers

In France, some say a gastronomic icon is under threat. For the last decade, the number of pre-prepared, frozen croissants sold in bakeries has been increasing. These knock-offs are cheaper, but they're also less delicious.

Mali In Crisis Fractures Along Twin Fault Lines

After 20 years of apparent stability in turbulent West Africa, Mali is now battling dual crises: a rebellion in the north, and a military coup in the south. There are reports of gross human rights abuses, as well as fears that the Islamist-controlled north is fast becoming a terrorist safe haven.

From Politics To Punctuality: America's Surprises

First-time visitors to the U.S. turn to guidebooks not only for typical lodging and dining recommendations, but for advice on navigating the complexities of American culture. Atlantic associate editor Max Fisher examined several guidebooks and identified some of the subtle cultural nuances that U.S. residents take for granted.