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Israeli Ground Operation In Gaza Continues

At least one Israeli soldier and more than two dozen Palestinians have died since tanks rolled in late Thursday. It's the first time in five years that Israel has sent ground troops into a conflict.

Afghan Businesses: Election Season Caused Economic Hardship

The Afghan presidential election has been a financial disappointment. Businesses say revenue is down, and even companies you'd think would make money off a campaign, say they're in the red.

Israel Begins Ground Offensive In Gaza

Israel's chief military spokesman says they're going after tunnels, terror activists and infrastructure. Thousands of Israel soldiers have moved into the territory backed by tanks.

Israel Intensifies Its Campaign Against Gaza

Escalating its conflict with Hamas, Israel began shelling the Gaza Strip on Thursday — clearing the way for ground troops. Israel is targeting tunnels Hamas uses to attack its territory.

Missile Likely Shot Down Malaysia Airlines Jet

A Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 with 298 passengers and crew aboard crashed in eastern Ukraine, an area wracked by separatist insurgents. David Greene talks to Sabrina Tavernise of The New York Times.

Pro-Russian Separatists Accused Of Shooting Down Malaysia Jetliner

Ukraine charges pro-Russian separatists shot down a Malaysia Airlines jet with 298 people aboard. It blames Russia for supplying the weapons to do it. The rebels deny downing the aircraft.

At The Scene Of The Crash: An Attempt To Make Sense Of The Wreckage

Audie Cornish talks with reporter Noah Sneider, who's at the crash site of the Malaysian airliner in eastern Ukraine's Donetsk region.

Libya Asks U.N. For Assistance In Protecting Oil And Airports

Fighting worsened at the Tripoli airport and around the country. Libya's central government admitted it is too weak to protect infrastructure or control warring militia groups.

Sizing Down Food Waste: What's The Worst Thing To Toss?

Americans throw out a lot of food. And a lot of meat. That means our waste has a bigger impact on the global food supply than vegetarian discards. Why? Blame it on hidden calories.

A Day Of Tumult, Tragedy And Violence In Europe And Middle East

A Malaysia Airlines flight crashed in eastern Ukraine, possibly shot down by a missile. And in Gaza, Israel has launched a ground offensive against Hamas forces.