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Director Of Oscar-Nommed 'Timbuktu' Found A Star In A Refugee Camp

A 12-year-old girl followed him everywhere. And she got the part. Abderrahmane Sissako tells what it's like to make a reality-based movie in Mauritania.

Visual Feast: If The World's Major Cities Were Made Of Food

A charming photo series called BrunchCity re-creates metropolises in miniature, with famous local noshes as part of the architecture.

Britain's Cameron Calls On Schools To Help Stop Extremist Recruitment

The prime minister's remarks follow the disappearance this week of three British girls who are believed to have flown to Turkey with the intent of joining the self-declared Islamic State.

WATCH: Shipping Around The World In 1:40

A video that presents a fascinating visual representation of the extent of international shipping.

Fire In Dubai Skyscraper Forces Evacuation Of Residents

No one was killed in the blaze at the 86-story Torch Tower that began early in the morning in the United Arab Emirates. It was extinguished within a few hours.

Defense Secretary Carter Hints At Slowing U.S. Exit From Afghanistan

Ashton Carter, on a surprise visit to Afghanistan, said he was there to assess the situation on the ground and indicated that a "rethinking" of the U.S. troop withdrawal timetable was possible.

After An Education In American Jazz, A Musician Tackles The Turkish Songbook

A Turkish jazz guitarist is converting Turkey's pop songs into popular jazz, the way American jazz musicians stylized tunes from the Great American Songbook.

Minor Characters Take The Stage In Argentina's Real-Life Murder Mystery

The shooting death of Argentine prosecutor Alberto Nisman has all the hallmarks of a Hollywood thriller. It has provided rich material for the conspiracy-minded in Argentina.

Zambian Prosecutor Drops Charges In Case Against Himself

It may sound like an episode of The Twilight Zone, but this isn't fiction. Zambia's top prosecutor dropped his own corruption charges and set himself free. NPR's Scott Simon discusses the case.

An Iranian Optimist Urges Americans, 'Come See For Yourself'

When NPR's Steve Inskeep meets a political scientist at an Italian restaurant in Tehran, the circumstances of their conversation illustrate Iran's potential for change.