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A German Plan: House Refugees In An Old Concentration Camp

With refugees streaming in, Germany is running short of places for them. One city has proposed housing refugees in a barracks on the grounds of the notorious Buchenwald camp.

One Month After School Attack, Pakistan Remembers Victims

It has been a month since an attack in a school in Peshawar killed at least 150 people, mostly school children. On Friday, the country remembered the victims with vigils and demonstrations.

Satellite Photos Reveal Wider Destruction In Nigeria

Audie Cornish talks to Adotei Akwei, managing director of government relations for Amnesty International, about the NGO's analysis of satellite photos taken over Nigeria.

Obama, Cameron Promise To Cooperate On Cybersecurity

President Obama hosted British Prime Minister David Cameron at the White House on Friday.

Saudi Blogger's Flogging Postponed For Medical Reasons

A follow-up on a story we covered Thursday about Raif Badawi, the Saudi blogger and democracy proponent who was sentenced to 1,000 lashes for "insulting Islam." His second public lashing, scheduled for Friday, was postponed. Melissa Block speaks with Badawi's spokesperson, Elham Manea.

Broad Anti-Terror Crackdown Covers France, Germany, Belgium

Police in France have made more arrests in connection with last week's terror attacks in Paris. Authorities in both Germany and Belgium also have been conducting security operations and detaining suspects.

Chinese Spy Chief Latest Snared In Anti-Corruption Campaign

Ma Jian, vice-minister in the Ministry of State Security, has reportedly been detained, possibly for insider trading. He would be the highest-ranking official to be caught in the ongoing probe.

Can A New Ban On Witchcraft Protect The Albinos Of Tanzania?

Media reports this week said the Tanzanian government was going to go after "witch doctors" who attack albinos. But what, exactly, is a "witch doctor"? And why are they targeting people with albinism?

Pope, On Visit To Philippines, Defends Catholic Ban On Contraception

Francis, on the second day of his visit to the predominately Catholic nation, called for families to be "sanctuaries of respect for life."

More Than 2 Dozen Arrested In France, Belgium In Anti-Terror Raids

In Belgium, police say they disrupted a major attack when they arrested 13 suspects and seized guns, munitions and explosives.