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White House To Amend Ransom-For-Hostages Rules

It is expected to announce changes to the policy on paying ransom for hostages kidnapped by militant groups. It will no longer bar a hostage's family from dealing with and paying ransom to captors.

French Students Not 'Coping' Well With English Test Question

Students taking an English test had a meltdown when they saw the word coping. They petitioned the examiners to drop the question, claiming it unfairly includes a word rarely encountered in English.

'New Yorker' On Secret Civilian Efforts To Save America's ISIS Hostages

Renee Montagne talks to Lawrence Wright of The New Yorker about his article on the impact of U.S. hostage policy on 5 families whose children where held hostage in Syria by the Islamic State.

Iran Nuclear Talks: Gap Remains Over Access To Iran's Military Sites

Talks with Iran are entering a final push before a temporary deal expires. Negotiators are seeking extensive inspections and limits on Iran's nuclear program in exchange for eased economic sanctions.

Teenaged Female Shortstop Could Be Signed by MLB Team

David Greene talks to Lindsay Berra of about a 16-year-old French baseball player, who became the first female prospect to make herself eligible to be signed by a Major League Baseball team.

A Thorn For Russia, Georgia's Ex-President Pops Up In Ukraine

As president of Georgia, Mikheil Saakashvili boldly took on much larger Russia in 2008. He promptly lost. Now he's a governor in Ukraine, which is also doing battle with Russia.

Female Shortstop, 16, Could Be Signed By MLB Teams In July

Melissa Mayeux plays shortstop for two of France's national teams: the U-18 junior squad and the senior softball team. She's known as a smooth fielder who can also handle a bat.

When Corrupt Chinese Officials Flee, The U.S. Is A Top Destination

The U.S. is appealing because of its high standard of living and lack of an extradition treaty with China. The U.S. is also reluctant to arrest suspects unless provided with solid information.

China Encourages U.S. Cooperation In Catching Corrupt Officials Overseas

As part of its anti-corruption blitz, China is working to repatriate corrupt officials who have gone overseas with billions of dollars in state funds. These officials live in affluent U.S. neighborhoods, unbeknownst to their neighbors. Chinese state media say several corrupt officials have been repatriated. The U.S. is willing to help, but the two countries have no extradition treaty. The two sides appear to be cooperating by repatriating fugitives who have violated U.S. immigration laws.

U.S. To Send Heavy Armor To Eastern Europe

Defense Secretary Ash Carter heads to Europe to unveil plans to deploy tanks and other heavy armor in the Baltic states and Eastern Europe. Russia says the move is provocative and may send more armor to its Western borders.