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A Flicker Of Inspiration Brings Cave Drawings To Life

The Chauvet prehistoric cave paintings in France have always glimmered with a mystery. An article in the June issue of Antiquity suggests that the paintings, dating back 30,000 years, may amount to the first animated cartoons.

Greeks Take Over Reporting As News Outlets Fade

Austerity measures in Greece have touched the journalists who would normally be covering Sunday's election. Thousands have lost their jobs. In any case, many Greeks feel the mainstream media are biased in favor of the bailout terms. They're now getting their news from alternative citizen-run stations.

Suu Kyi To Accept Nobel Peace Prize, Decades Late

Burmese opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi is due to make an acceptance speech in Oslo Saturday for the Nobel Peace Prize she was awarded in 1991. Host Scott Simon talks with NPR's Anthony Kuhn.

China Mission A Leap Toward Larger Space Goals

China is expected to launch its first manned mission to dock at an orbiting space laboratory Saturday. Host Scott Simon talks with Dean Cheng, a research fellow with the Heritage Foundation's Asian Studies Center.

Egyptians Vote President To Succeed Mubarak

Egyptians begin voting in a two-day presidential runoff election Saturday. Host Scott Simon talks with NPR's Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson.

Militant Territory Cleared In Yemen, For Now

The Yemeni government backed by U.S. advisers say they are pushing out al-Qaida and allied groups in southern Yemen. In one town, the streets are deserted and the buildings are riddled with bullets. In another, residents who sympathize with the militants say they are simply awaiting their return.

Greek Leftist Leader Up For 'Worst Job' In Europe

Alexis Tsipras, the leader of Syriza party, was an obscure politician whose squabbling leftist coalition was best known for encouraging sit-ins and anti-austerity demonstrations. But after coming in second place in the May Greek elections, pollsters say his party could win Sunday's revote.