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Australia's Heron Island: A Canary In The Coal Mine For Coral Reefs?

The tropical island set in turquoise water just off the Great Barrier Reef is the site of an experiment to see what will happen to coral reefs as the ocean absorbs ever more of the carbon dioxide and heat we've added to our planet's thin skin. The results weren't so pretty.

Cyprus Proposes Exempting Smaller Deposits From Tax

The government of Cyprus is trying to ease fears over a proposed tax on bank deposits. Newly proposed legislation would exempt savers with smaller accounts. It's part of a bailout plan for that Mediterranean country, negotiated with the E.U. and IMF over the weekend.

Cyprus Lawmakers Could Vote On Unpopular Bailout Plan

A revised plan that would spare small depositors from a one-time tax on savings is being considered.

Dueling Claims In Syria After Unconfirmed Reports About Chemical Weapons

State-controlled media say rebels used the weapons in Aleppo. Opposition forces say the Assad regime is responsible. Neither the report of such weapons being used nor who might be responsible have been confirmed. The White House says it has no evidence the weapons were used.

Installation Mass Launches Pope Francis' Papacy

At a mass in St. Peter's Square, the pope appealed to political leaders of the world to protect the environment, the poor and the marginalized. Representatives of the world's major religions were present, as well as some 132 delegations from all over the world.

For Pope Francis, A Simple Mass And A Call To Protect The Poor

The new pope pledged to "embrace with tender affection the whole of humanity, especially the poorest, the weakest, the least important."

Interim Prime Minister Elected By Syrian Opposition

Syria's main opposition group elected a naturalized American citizen as the first prime minister of their interim government. Ghassan Hitto is expected to pick a Cabinet in the next two to four weeks.

Ex-Weapons Inspector In Iraq Hoped 'There Would Not Be A War'

On the tenth anniversary of the start of the Iraq war, Renee Montagne talks to Hans Blix, the former chief U.N. weapons inspector, who's mission in Iraq was ended by the invasion. The invasion's aim was to rid Iraq of its stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction. But it turns out there were none.

For Middle East Peace, Israel Is 'Obligated' To Stop Building Settlements

Steve Inskeep talks to Ambassador Riyad Mansour, Palestinian observer to the United Nations, about President Obama's upcoming visit to the Middle East and hopes for the peace process. Last week on Morning Edition, we heard from Michael Oren, Israel's ambassador to the U.S.