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China Lifts Newly-Imposed Internet Restrictions

In China, the media is heavily controlled by the government. That reality was clear on Saturday when new restrictions banning commenting were imposed on two twitter-style websites. The government lifted the restrictions Tuesday, but the government certainly made a point about who's in charge.

Turmoil Erupts In West African Nation Of Mali

Within two short weeks, a relatively stable West African democracy has gone from preparing for presidential elections to being taken over by a mutinous military. Add to the mix a rebellion in the north, where separatists have captured the fabled city of Timbuktu.

Putin Tries To Influence Former Soviet States

David Greene talks to journalist and author Lawrence Sheets about his experiences in the former Soviet Union. They also discuss how the anti-Putin sentiment in Moscow is affecting relations with neighboring states. Vladimir Putin just won election in Russia and is returning to the presidency.