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Malala: How A Young Girl Became A World Symbol

Fifteen-year-old Malala Yousafzai has become a symbol of hope for change in Pakistan and the world. Since her near-fatal shooting in 2012, her voice and reach has grown, as she speaks out against the Taliban's influence, and advocates for education for Pakistani youth.

China's New Urban Legend That Turned Out Not To Be

For several hours today, a story went viral on the Chinese Internet that the new Communist equivalent of the emperor, President Xi Jinping, had pulled an old trick from an imperial playbook and traveled incognito among ordinary citizens. The legend of The President Who Took a Taxi was quickly shut down.

North Korea: End U.N. Sanctions, And Talks Can Resume

Pyongyang insists that sanctions be lifted and the U.S. and South Korea end joint military exercises.

Sebastian Junger: 'Which Way' To Turn After Hetherington's Death

In a new documentary premiering on HBO, the journalist explores the life of his friend, the war photographer Tim Hetherington. The two collaborated on the 2010 documentary Restrepo, and Junger was profoundly changed after Hetherington was killed by shrapnel in Libya in 2011.

App Helps Icelanders Avoid Dating Family

Dating can be tough in a small country like Iceland. There are only 320,00 people and many are distant relatives. So the government created a genealogy website.