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Rival Protesters Clash In Bangkok

At least one protester is dead as violence breaks out among rival groups rallying in the Thai capital.

Bickering In Bangladesh; Curling; Glow-In-The-Dark Tattoos

Ozy editor Eugene Robinson tells NPR's Arun Rath about two dueling divas in Bangladeshi politics, the rising popularity of an obscure winter sport, and tattoos that you can wear to work.

Nairobi Seeks Answers 2 Months After 'Kenya's 9/11'

On Sept. 21, terrorists attacked the upscale Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya, killing at least 67 people. Despite early reports of as many as 15 gunmen, Kenyan police now know that the attack was the work of only four terrorist, all of whom died in the suicide mission. But some other very important questions remain unanswered.

Thousands Of Children As Young As 6 Work In Bolivia's Mines

Child labor is a reality in Bolivia, where an estimated one in three children work. But few face the danger of the country's child miners. A journalist who reported on the issue says some 3,000 children work in Bolivia's mines, children as young as 6. Some in Bolivia are trying to raise the working age; others want to lower it to legalize this employment of very young children.

New Pope's 'Dream' Includes Tolerance, Compassion And Tradition

This week, Pope Francis released a new document called the "Evangelii Gaudium" (The Joy of the Gospel). His first major document has captured the attention of Vatican watchers, who describe a vision statement of what Francis sees for the future of the Catholic Church.
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MedStar Washington Nurse Off To The Philippines

One nurse who works at MedStar Washington Hospital Center is going to the Phillipines to help in the aftermath of the typhoon this holiday weekend.


U.S. Offers To Destroy Some Of Syria's Chemical Weapons

The U.S. plans to destroy the chemicals at sea using a process called hydrolysis. The organization charged by the international community with overseeing the destruction of Syria's chemical stockpile said private companies will likely be contracted to neutralize some other weapons.

North Korea Says Detained American Has 'Apologized'

According to North Korea, Merrill Newman admitted to being the mastermind of a spy ring. The country released a video of the 85-year-old Korean War veteran reading from a handwritten statement.

Crossing The Sea For Freedom A Familiar Story For Americans

At least 30 Haitian migrants died this week when a packed sailboat capsized off the coast of the Bahamas. NPR's Scott Simon reminds us how some of the first Americans arrived on the continent, risking their lives to sail across rough seas.

Britain And Spain In Deadlock Over Gibraltar

In a breach of international law, a U.K. diplomatic bag was opened by Spanish border guards as the pouch was being taken from the British protectorate of Gibraltar into Spain. Host Scott Simon speaks with Dominique Searle, editor of the Gibraltar Chronicle, about the long-running standoff between the U.K. protectorate and Spain.